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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Me

A wife and a mother turned bargain hunting into a career! I love all things at a bargain...it was only natural that I eventually figured out how to get toiletries and groceries for free!

I love talking about my finds with anyone willing to listen...out in public or through this site!

The Bargain Hunter In Me:

I have always been the bargain hunter! I can remember going to flea markets with my grandfather as a child and being amazed at all of the items people were getting rid of. It wasn't until later in my life (after getting married and moving out on my own) that I realized you could purchase things for much cheaper than the retail prices at various stores!

I absolutely love to go to yard/garage/rummage sales. I have always been able to find the neatest things for pennies on the dollar at places like this! In the beginning I would purchase things for myself and my families and soon realized that I could purchase more things to re-sale!

I sell items on eBay and in my own garage sales, along with being very involved with the children's consignment sales locally!

I love finding items for $0.25 and being able to sell them for $10 or more! It happens all of the time!

My Coupon History:

One day I had stopped into CVS to purchase my prescription and a couple of other things. Once I was in line, the lady in front of me turned around and politely told me that it may take a few extra minutes to check her out because she was using coupons. I didn't mind and actually wanted to watch what she was going to do! I asked to watch and she said sure!

I watched the cashier ring up item after item and the total was over $140. The lady pulled out a handful of coupons and after scanning them all...her total was less than a $1. My mouth hit the floor as we stood there and I had to know how she just did that. They lady briefly explained CVS's Extra Care Buck program and said that most of the time they paid her to take items from the store!

I started collecting coupon inserts and after a few weeks I was able to match-up the Extra Care Buck Sales with them to create "Money Makers". At one point I had built up my Extra Care Bucks to over $100 but steadily have around $40 to roll over from week to week!

No one told me that there were websites that did the work for you! I learned the hard way but appreciate every moment that it took.

Once I mastered the CVS Game I decided to take on the grocery stores! After hours and hours of research I came up with the best sites (that I share with you on my blog) that offered coupon match-ups for the stores that I shop at (sites that do the work for you) along with many sites that have other great information to share with us!

I had many people that were interested in learning how I did this and that is how "Saving Your Cents" was born. I decided that not only the people I saw out in public should know but everyone should have access to this information!

Many sites offer a tremendous amount of useful information. I created this site to try to combine as much of that information as I could...all in one place (Your One-Stop Savings Spot). I post the information that I have and link to the sites that have other useful information for you!

Week after week I am able to consistently save 70% or more on my grocery bills. I have a $50 budget (that I usually don't even reach) each week! If I spend that $50, I guarantee you that I have around $200-$400 worth of groceries or toiletries!

I am very passionate about saving money and love sharing my knowledge on how to make that happen!

I truly hope that the information on my site is helpful to you and your quest to save money!

"As one we can find great savings...but as many we can find grand savings"
~Lissa Miller

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