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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New! Kmart Rewards Program

I went into Kmart the other day and once I checked out I was asked if I would like to participate in Kmart's new Rewards program...of course I said yes...

Here are the details:

  • You can sign up "in-store" or "online" (if you sign up online you can give Kmart cashiers your phone number until you receive the cards in the mail!)
  • You will receive 2 "Rewards Cards" (one for your wallet and one for your key chain)

Why sign up?
  • Get 1% back on all purchases (online and in-store)
  • Take part in Kmart K'Ching Surprises, a chance to win prizes at checkout
  • Receive 10% back on Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Sun Care products
  • Get bonus rewards on your favorite products and brands customized to the way you shop
  • Receive expedited shipping at the same cost as regular shipping when you shop at kmart.com
  • Return an item within 90 days without a receipt
  • Enjoy in-store events, discounts and promotions exclusive to Rewards Members ONLY

You can also track your Rewards on www.kmartsmartrewards.com

Once I checked my mail after my shopping trip I received an email from the Rewards program and this is what it said...

So...next time you are in Kmart...definitely sign up!


Yoly said...

Hi, I'm glad you posted about this. I was able to enroll online and they offer 10% back on cosmetics, skin care and sun care products.

Have a great day!

Lissa said...

Great! Thanks for letting us know that you can enroll online! I would assume that they would mail you the actual card and that they possibly give you a temporary one? Write back and let me know how the online enrollment works if you have time to!

Thanks for writing!


Yoly said...

I did the registration online and it says that I can use the phone number I gave them during registration to access at checkout.

Gayla said...

i attempted to registration and when inputing my address and then of course the state and there were only 7 states listed. sigh i wonder when it will spread to the other 43 i am in TX and it was not on the list.

couponqueen6886 said...

Illinois is not on the list either. As a rule, I don't usually like shopping K-Mart the stores aren't as clean as Target or even Wal-mart and I have to watch the register like a hawk. Stuff always rings up wrong and not to my bewnefit, either. But if they have a rewards program, I definitely wouldn't mind shopping there, especially with double coupons at times and the new rewards program.

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