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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

INGLES Ingles TRIPLES SHOPPING TRIP w/ 11'8" Long Receipt!

Although this shopping trip didn't yield the highest percentage of savings that I have had...I am very pleased with this monstrosity of a trip at a 60% savings! Most of the time I buy 20 - 40 items in each trip. When triples come along there are a lot more things to buy out there! This purchase was 196 items. I had 167 coupons 140 of them tripled 20 of them doubled and 7 of them were only face value. My total was $402.74 with tax. I had $81.10 in coupons tendered plus $54.00 in doubled coupons and $126.04 in Advantage Savings for a total savings of $261.14. My Out-Of-Pocket amount was $141.60! A total saving of 60%. Here are some pictures! Too many items to list individually! My receipt was 11 feet 8 inches long! A RECORD BREAKER! Hooray for triples! My total time spent pulling coupons out of my binders, shopping and checking out was a little over 2 hours. 40-45 minutes of that was at the check-out! The computers automatically double the coupons and then they have to manually input the triple. She had to manually input 167 coupons! I was sure to thank her for her time! Ingles has a triple coupon rule. You have to have $10 for every 3 coupons. All of my coupons would've tripled if I had $550 worth of groceries. The computer stops doubling at a certain point also (haven't quite figured it out but I am sure it has to do with how many I had!) and therefore I had a few that were for only face value even though the were 50 cents or less.


Kristen said...

Lissa, this is amazing. Thanks for stopping over at my blog and introducing yourself! I look forward to getting to know you and your blog!

Jen said...

I came over from your comment at Money Saving Mom. Great shopping trip! And I love your couponing room.

Lissa Miller said...

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for reading my blog entry! Hopefully, once my daughter start school again, I can spend more time sharing my deals with everyone! Please come back and visit!

Finance Girl said...

I love that you measured the receipt. That is too funny!

Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Wow, that is some black belt couponing! I'd love to have you on a podcast to talk about how you do this! Great job.

LB said...

I also came here from money saving mom. I have never shopped at Ingles, but I want to take advantage of the triple coupons (I normally shop at Publix and Kroger). Can you give more details about the Ingles coupon policy. When they triple, do you mean coupons up to .50?

Anonymous said...

Great shopping trip! I am hoping to go tomorrow or Friday! Hey, the pictures were great but is there anyway you could post a list of your best deals? It would be great to match the words to the pictures so to speak! Thanks and keep up the great shopping!
Nancy G.

Lissa said...

Finance Girl: Thanks for getting my humor! I, too, thought that it would be funny to measure it! It is the longest receipt that I've ever had so I guess I wanted to document it at the same time! Glad you enjoyed it! Did you see what I did with all of my Cottonelle? Check it out under the label FREE ENTERTAINMENT...you'll get a kick out of that one too!

Suzanne: Thanks for taking a look! I would love to do a podcast and think that it is within our reach due to our locations! I have emailed you! Hope to hear back soon!

LB: Ingles policy: They will triple coupons up to and including .50. You can ONLY triple 3 coupons for every $10 that you spend.

I went into details about my trip in the comments section on the coupon match-up posts if you would like to read more about it!

Nancy: Let me know how you do! I am always interested in what everyone saves! As I commented in the match-up article I had planned to release that information today but somehow misplaced my receipt. I hope to have it up by tomorrow for everyone to see! Basically I looked at everything that was around 80% or more off of the shelf price. I had to improvise a little due to out-of-stock items and that was the hard part! Be sure to take advantage of the hams that are on sale for .98/lb if you need more money to add to your trip to be able to triple all of the coupons that you plan on using!

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