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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Front Loading Washer Success! Feel the savings!

We have recently been able to upgrade our washer and dryer. We had the top loading washer. Before we purchase anything I did research on all different types of washers looking for a way the frugally upgrade. We decided to go with the front loader set. We chose to purchase a store display set made by LG. We were able to get a really good deal (almost 50% off) because 1. it was the door display or better known as the scratch and dent specials and 2. it was last years model.

It had 5 different scratches on the side of the washer but other than that it was in excellent condition...warranty and all! We decided to hook the set up at the beginning of our water billing cycle to see exactly how much we were going to save.

I am proud to announce frugal success! Our water bill has been averaging $29 (give or take some cents). We received our first water bill and it was for $11.59! A whopping $17.41 difference! That may not sound like a lot of money to most people but over the course of a year, that adds up to $208.92ish in savings!

Front loader sets are more expensive than your average top loading set but if you get creative you can really find some good deals out there! Home Depot and Lowe's both mail out 10 and 20% coupons all of the time...pair these with a good display set and you could possibly come out spending the same as a top loading set...as we did!

Here are some comparisons between the two kinds!
  • Front loaders use on average between 16-24 gallons of water per use compared to top loaders using 40 gallons (my LG washer uses 11 gallons per use).
  • Front loaders do take longer to wash each load...about 50-60 minutes compared to 40 minutes in a top loader.
  • Front loaders spin faster, therefore able to get more water out of the clothes before you put them in the dryer (saving on dryer time).
  • Front loaders are more gentle on your clothing. There is no agitator for the clothing to get ripped or stretched on!
I will let you know how our next electric bill looks! That will be coming this week sometime. Since front loaders use up to 68% less energy...I can't wait to see what that translates to in energy (probably not going to be much but even if it were $5...that's enough for me!)

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