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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ShopItToMe.com? Ever heard of it?

I just recently read an article in First magazine about a website that allows you to go in a choose from over 500 name brand items of clothing that you like! Apparently you can go in and select certain articles of clothing (size/style/color) and be notified via email when a particular store is going to have a sale! The site is free of charge! I thought that this was an interesting concept on bargain shopping and may give it a try! I definitely wanted to pass it on though! You can go to the site here!

Another hint that was in the article! Apparently most retail store (especially those found in mall's!) mark there sale and clearance items down on Thursday evening! It is said that they do this to prepare for the weekend sales! I may have to check this one out also! NOTE: you can always call and ask a manager how often an item marked down! For Example: I noticed that sometime the clearance in Kmart was marked even lower and asked one of the managers how often they do this! I was informed that every Monday the main computer from their home office is set to mark down items! The manager stated that he didn't know which items it would be, but that a lot of stuff comes through on their hand- held scanners! Sometimes and item will stay the same clearance price for a few weeks at a time while others are marked down each week even further!

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