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Friday, August 22, 2008

Upgrading your inkjet to a laser?

I recently decided, after going through a brand new black ink cartridge in less than 2 weeks, to upgrade my printer. I figured that there was no way I could afford to replace ink that often, even with the $3 Staples credit for your empty ink cartridge!

When I was working at my "absolute" last job, I had a laser printer that was so awesome! I decided to purchase the one I had there without a doubt! There are so many printers to choose from when you are in the market and I knew how the insides of this one worked!

What I have now is the Dell 1700N Laser Printer. It prints up to 3000 pages per toner cartridge! Yes, the cartridges are more expensive than your regular ink jet, but you save money in the long run! You also have to replace the Drums about every 2 years and they are about the same, price wise!

I purchased a used one, on Ebay, for less than $130 with 95% of the toner still available! It also came with the optional 500-sheet paper loader. The store that sold it also offered a 30-day money back guarantee and all of the paperwork and cables came with it! A Great Deal for me!

If you are like me and print a lot of stuff from home, I definitely would suggest upgrading to a laser! It is a great money saver! I went with this one because I was familiar with its performance...definitely do your homework before purchasing to make sure you are getting the best deal!

If you would like to read the specs on the printer that I purchased...go here!

I have had this printer for 10 months now and I am still running off of the original toner cartridge! I print coupons from 3-4 computers each time I get one!

I will give one tip though! I do not print every coupon each time they are released on coupons.com etc. I usually print the ones that I know are going to run out fast (cereal and the latest Kraft coupons...the ones that are not normally released). I wait until the coupons matchup with the current weeks sale before I print any of the other ones!

According to my statistics (I still have 40% toner left) I should run out of toner in another 10 months or so. Not bad at all for a $130 initial investment! When I do have to replace the toner I do have to purchase DELL. It goes for about $80 on ebay brand new! I think $80 is worth the cost for almost 2 years worth of printing. I can't even calculate how much that would be with a regular inkjet printer!

I also use recycled paper! If coupons print out one at a time I still use the partial paper that is left over! I also print on the back of black papers that come in the mail and sometimes even on the inside of cereal boxes or large white envelopes. (When using cereal boxes remember to set your printer settings on card stock or it will get jammed).

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