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Friday, August 15, 2008

Walmart Match-Up with a coupon on my side bar!

Yoplait Yogurt For $1 a pop! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

I just wanted everyone to know that Walmart Sales Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt 4 packs for $2.00 (regular price). If you look at the right side of my page you will see a scroll bar with coupons on it. Click on See All coupons and scroll down until you see the $1/1 coupon. Select it and Click Print. You can go back in and print it a second time for two coupons.

PLEASE NOTE: for those that are new to the Internet printable coupon...you can print 2 of the same identical coupon per computer. If you have more than one computer you can print multiples (even if you have only 1 printer networked to all of the computers, the sites identify your computer by its IP Address so once you print two you cannot print any more. Routers do not interfere with this process, you can still print from each computer behind the routers IP address).

If you buy 2 - 4 packs for $4, use 2 - $1/1 coupons and pay only $1 each plus tax! I have tried this yogurt and especially like the blueberry! Our Walmart here in town does except Internet Printed Coupons. If you are not sure in your town...just give them a call and ask for a manager (Sometimes you get different stories from cashiers and managers aren't always foolproof but the best bet is to go ahead and talk to a manger!)


The Frugal Homemaker said...

Actually, it is the CORPORATE policy of Walmart to accept all Internet Printable coupons (check their corporate website). If a store tells you that they don't politely whip out your printed copy of the corporate policy. If that doesn't help you out, call customer service on your cell phone from the store. That will straighten things out very quickly.

Lissa Miller said...

Thanks for sharing this information with everyone! I have all of my store's policy in hand with me every time I shop! Good point to bring up!

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