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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fred's Discount Store Price Checks for coupon users!

Ahhhh! Remember when Fred's use to double up to, and including, $1 coupons on Saturdays? Those says are long gone but DO NOT DESPAIR!

Good news! For those who may not know Fred's Discount store will still double up to, and including .70 coupons on Saturdays!

Here is the store policy!

Only 1 coupon per item per transaction (AKA you can only use 1 doubled coupon per item, if you have multiples you cannot have them doubled all in one transaction)

Each coupon may be double up to and including .70!

Depending on your local store manager/cashier, you may be able to do back to back transactions to use more than one of the same coupon.

i.e. I have 10 coupons left for .50/1 Dawn Dish Washing Liquid! If I wanted to purchase 10 Dawn's total...I would have to cash out of each transaction for a total of 10 times!

I went in today and saw some prices that would go over well with common coupons that come out frequently!

Here are a few of those items!

Crest $1 (smallest size)
Colgate $1 (smallest size)
Dawn $1
Joy $1
Tons of Trial Sized Deodorants and shampoos/conditioners for $1 each
They also carry odds and ends in the food department that may match up with a pretty good coupon!

I personally have 5 coupon binders...no, I don't take these in the store with me...for those of you who have just and envelope system or an expanding file for your coupons...I would definitely suggest taking it to Fred's with you one Saturday to see what you can find and then be sure to let us know here on the site!

Here is the site to locate a store near you!

You can also go here to sign up for sale notifications and sales ads! (Their Sales ads do not change weekly, they change every 21 days!) Most of the items you will use coupons for will be regularly priced though a sale may come through for you from time to time!)

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