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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's a Cool Tool! Online Percent Calculator!

Here is one of my favorite Online Resources! I ran across this and thought that some of you may find it an interesting tool to use!

Kroger automatically tells you your savings percentage on the bottom of their receipts but no other store does! If you use the second conversion chart on this page it may help you out!

On the top line enter your out-of-pocket expense.
On the bottom line enter the total your bill would have been (hint ad your savings total to your total out-of-pocket)

This will calculate the percentage that you paid and then you can subtract it from 100 to see what % you saved in all!

Some may find this irrelevant but for me it is easier than writing it down or figuring it out in my head. Very rarely do you end up with whole numbers (and yes you can round of also). I like to see exactly what I saved (I keep a personal log on it!)!

I hope everyone finds this useful!

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