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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hidden Rite Aid Coupon for Free Accu-Check Aviva Meter!

I had to stop into Rite Aid the other day with my mother and happened to just browse around the store! I had already done my shopping earlier in the week for this store, so I used my time scouring through pamphlets at the pharmacy and looking through booklets!

I found the jackpot! I love any type of free item and Rite Aid has a booklet that has a coupon in it for a FREE Accu-Check Aviva Meter. It's regular price is $79.99. The coupon was found in a magazine up front in the back side of the display where they keep their weekly and monthly rebate ads.

It is called Inner Strength: A Guide To Living Well With Diabetes for Fall 08'. The coupons are on the 2nd to last page and include other coupons for diabetes related items and one for $2 off AA or AAA Rite aid batteries (8-pk). Others include .65 off of Splenda, $1 off Rite Aid Aspirin 100-500ct, $45 off Freestyle Lite or Freestyle Freedom Meter, and $10 off Omron Blood Pressure kit!

Just giving you a heads up! For those that have no use for this type of product you can still get one and donate it to your local church or any other organization that may be in need!

Keep you receipt when you buy these and upload them to Rite Aids web site like you would for Single Check Rebates!

Here's why:
Rebate #500
VALID ONLY ON PURCHASES FROM 07/27/08 to 09/27/08**
FREE Pedometer After Rebate
Purchase Thirty Dollars ($30.00) or More of Any Variety:
Accu-chek Aviva Meter or Accu-chek Compact Plus Meter (Meter is $79.99)
• Alli Kit, 90 ct
• Caltrate, 60 ct.
• Centrum 100+30 ct., Performance 45 ct., Silver 100 ct.
• Citracal, 50-100 ct.
• CosaminDS, 72 ct.
• Emer-Gen-C, 36 ct.
• Ensure Adult Nutritional Drinks, 8 oz. cans, 6-Pack
• Estroven, 24-56 ct.
• Flex Able, 60-90 ct.
• Iceland Health Products
• Lipo-Flavonoid, 100 ct.
• MagOx 400, 60 ct.
• Maxoderm Lotion, 2.6 oz.
• Move Free, 80 or 90 ct.
• Natrol Products
• Nature Made Vitamins
• Ocuvite Vitamins or Preservision Vitamins
• Omron Blood Pressure Kit, #780
• One a Day Vitamins Men’s, Women’s or Max 100 ct., Cholesterol Plus, All Day Energy, Weight Smart, Active or 50+ Advantage, 50 ct.
• Osteo Bi-Flex Products
• Prevagen, 30 ct.
• Renew In, 90 ct.
• Restless Legs Relief, 125 ct.
• Sciatica Relief, 125 ct.
• Soy Joy, GenSoy & Zone Bars
• Super Dieter’s Tea
• Tinnitus Relief, 125 ct.
• Viactiv Chews 60 ct. or Flavor Glides 100-110 ct.
• Vazomyne 30 ct. and receive back by mail a FREE Pedometer
Pedometer mailed separately from rebate check. While supplies last.
**Rebate valid only on products purchased between the dates shown above. Purchases made outside of stated dates will not be honored for the rebate.
Offer valid 07/25/08 - 09/25/08 in select California stores.

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