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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kroger Current Deals

For the Week of 9/28-10/04

Price = .99/lb
3-4 weeks before you will see this price again at this store!

Betty Crocker Cake Mix
Price = $1 each

Hunt's Tomatoes, Paste, or Sauce
Price = .75 each

Aquafresh 6-6.4 oz
Price = $1 each

Halloween DVD's
Price = $5 each
Ghostbusters and Mary Shelley's Frankenstien are shown in picture but selections will vary by store! My daughter absolutely loves Ghostbuster's...Christmas present time!

58 Cent Sale Items! To Buy or NOT to Buy!

Kroger Brand Canned vegetables!
If you have plenty in your stockpile these can wait! They will eventually go on sale for .25 each!

Kroger Brand Paper Towels
Again, buy only if you need them. Name brand paper towels will go on sale for $1 and will usually match up with a .25 or .50/1 coupon making them .50 or free!

Kroger Drinking Water!
Walmart has the cheapest in town at .77 each
This is a decent deal!

Kroger Brand Soups Not a good deal!

Kroger Brand Pizza's
Decent deal...Personal Opinion: The quality of this pizza is poor...flavor is missing...very bland!

Dannon Yogurt

Kroger Fruit Cocktail or Mandrin Oranges
Once again, a name brand item will be cheaper than this combined with a coupon in the future..so hold out if you can!

Kroger Frozen Broccoli or Spinach! NOT A GOOD DEAL!
Publix just had Green Giant on Sale for $1 each and with the coupon it made them .50 each or FREE if you were able to stack the Target coupon on top of the manufacturer's. A great example of when the Name Brand is cheaper than the store brand!

Kroger Mustard
This is a rock bottom price for their mustard but I would only buy it if you need it! French's usually goes on sale for $1 and a .50/1 coupon will come out making it free!

Kroger Gelatin or Pudding
Not a rock bottom price! I have seen these go down to .20 each before! Only if you need it!

Kroger Smoothie Drinks
These are a newer product and I haven't tracked these yet! .58 each sounds good but be sure to check the regular price before buying...if it's more than 50% off you're getting a good deal!

Kroger Macaroni & Cheese
Kroger will put these on sale @ .25 each...Only buy if you need it, otherwise wait out until you see the .25 each and stock up on those for about 12 weeks!

Kroger Water Chestnuts! Decent Deal
This is a product that rarely goes on sale! .58 each is a decent price if you cook with them!

Other Sales:

Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4pks are still FREE if you have any of the .50/1 coupons left!

Hot Pockets
Price = 3/$5
.50/1 RP 9/7

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
Price = $1 each
.30/2 SS 8/10

GE Reveal Light Bulbs
Price = $2.29
$1/1 SS 9/28

Ronzoni Smart Taste
Price = $1.33
$1/1 SS 8/24

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