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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Need Your Input!


Upcoming Series: "Method's To The Madness"

I am currently gathering information on individual coupon organizing methods and time management skills. I would love to be able to talk about several different types...but I need your help!

Do you use a binder? Envelopes? Expanding File? How about shoving coupons down in your wallet or the side pocket of your purse or pocket (like even the most organized sometimes do!)

Do you clip coupons by yourself? Or with someone? Does your husband help? Or Vice Versa? Do you enlist the aid of your children? Let me know!

How many of the same insert do you have each week? How long does it take you? Do you set a special time aside for organizing?

Maybe you just have a funny story to tell! We all could use a laugh or two!

I would love for everyone to share their personal organizing system with our site to help those who have just started using coupons or those who are looking to change their current method!

If you currently do not have a method, write to me about how you tame those little pieces of paper!

If you are able to take pictures, please do! I am hoping that many of you will email me to share your own skills! (savingyourcents at comcast dot net)

I hope to hear from everyone!

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