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Friday, September 12, 2008

"Order In The Court"! Blogging Schedule

Since starting this blog, I have realized that you MUST be an organized person (something I can definitely improve on!) My first few weeks of blogging I was just trying to get the hang of things! I have never done anything like this before and knew that it would be "trial and error" in the beginning! I have been attempting to post at least 2 or more deals per day! I would like to increase this to 5-10 in the future! I absolutely love going to the same blog over and over again seeing the great new deals that are posted and would like to do the same on this one!

Here are the "types" of postings that I will try to do each day!

  • Sunday's through Tuesday's I will post deals with or without coupon match-ups! The following stores will be included each time...CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Ingles, and Publix. Walmart and Walgreens and sometimes CVS will be referenced as new deals are available from some of my other favorite sites. (I will try to get Publix posted initially on Thursday or Friday but it could possibly be updated after the initial posting!)
  • Wednesday's through Saturday's will be postings on clearance deals that I see while I am out shopping and any other web related item that is a good deal (full-size freebies, free magazine subscriptions, coupons for restaurants, local happenings, etc)

Occasionally I will post my personal shopping trips, tips and tricks of the trade on acquiring/using/organizing coupons, store coupon policies, and any other topic that I think will be of interest to everyone, or topics that people may suggest to me through emails!

I learned everything I know from scratch (the hard way with lots of time and effort under my belt). One day I sat down at the computer and started researching sites that offered valuable information on finding really good deals. I found hundreds of sites that each offered something different...things that I was interested in! I found myself visiting around 20 sites per day and this in itself can be very time consuming! Even though I can sit down and read a weekly ad for a store and know exactly what I am going to purchase, I was finding sites that did this for you! So...I started using them more and more over time!

It became a huge time saver! I started turning to different blogs to do the work for me! People will email the blog writers and leave comments on posts about deals that they were finding! This made using coupons and finding deals so much easier and more time efficient! I still look at the weekly circulars...to see if anything else interests me!

Each week, and sometimes daily, I would call or email friends and family members to let them know what they should buy each week! Finally, I realized that this could be done much easier by creating a blog that everyone could view on their own time, not when I called them! In addition, I am not only able to share with my friends and family but with those who have the same interest in using coupons and finding great deals.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who view my blog each day! It lets me know that all of my hard work is really appreciated! This takes a lot of time and effort to get things on this site...up and ready for your viewing but I absolutely love it! Some people think I'm nuts for using coupons and shopping the way I do...but then they see my receipts or come along on a shopping trip with me and can't believe their eyes! I am very passionate about what I do and love every minute of it! I also love helping others save money!

I make any type of shopping a game (to find the best bargain) and look at it as if I were getting an hourly wage out of it (by how much I save versus the time that I spend each week clipping/organizing coupons, making my list, and shopping time). I usually average about $70 to $80 per hour that I spend each week shopping and can't think of any other job in the whole wide world that would pay me this much to do something that I love!

As this site progresses, there will be more structure. I hope to have daily categories for my posts (Money Saving Monday's, Tricks of the Trade Tuesday's, What's happening Wednesday's, Tired of WHAT? Thursday's, etc.) and much, much more!

So stay tuned...I hope that most of you come back and see me at least once per day to get the most out of this site!

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