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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rember Publix Honors Competitor Coupons!

Always remember to check for Walgreens and CVS coupons online before you head into Publix. They will accept color printed copies of online competitor coupons. There is a $2/$10 CVS coupon purchase that you can use and Walgreens will periodically post up their $5/$20's. If you get Kroger mailers you can also use the $/$$ coupons from the post cards they send out! They will also take the target printable coupons from afullcup's site and Food Lion coupons! Just an FYI to help out!

Publix DOES NOT double their own store coupons or competitor coupons. They only double manufacturer coupons up to .50!


Vicki said...

Do you have a copy of their corporate policy accepting competitor coupons?

Lissa Miller said...

Unfortunately I do not at this time! I couldn't find one on their website either! I can suggest that you write corporate for this information or just simply speak to the manager over the entire store! I usually have each stores policy on hand when I go shopping but with Publix I have never had a problem. All of their staff are very well educated on their coupon policies and they all will say the same thing (unlike most stores where the policies differ from one cashier to cashier and one manager to manager). It takes the cashiers longer to scan my coupons but I completely appreciate the time they take. It prevents them from skipping any of my coupons ( I have has this happen at many other stores). Our local Publix encourages the use of coupons and everyone is very friendly about the whole process! The only thing that they ask is for you to let them know if you need more than 15 of 1 specific item! They will be more than happy to make a special order for you. This prevents the "wiping out" effect that we all sometimes run into when their is a good sale going on! Please look in my archives under "Online Resources" for the Saturday August 30th post! I added coupon policy information for each store here locally on that day...maybe it can help out some!

Kara said...

Do they only take the $2/$10 coupons or do they also take the coupons off the actual products? Do they take them for anywhere other than CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger? Thanks for the info!

Lissa Miller said...

Our local Publix accepts the all of the competitors that you mentioned...Kroger (the ones that get mailed to you), CVS (online printables and hard copies that are mailed out or CRT's that print out on your receipts or from the scanners in the store), Walgreens (Online Printables, Weekly ad coupons, and easy saver coupons from the monthly books), Food Lion (hard copies from mail and online printables, and Target (online printables, occasionally coupons will print out along with your receipts, these are not catalina coupons but actual Target coupons off of a specific product, these are accepted also...and occasionally there will be Target coupons in the Sunday paper inserts and they will take these also! I have seen Dollar General coupons in the paper before but I am not sure if they will take those or not (I will ask for a list of competitor coupons they take next time I am in there!)

I really wish all grocery stores did this! Wouldn't that be wonderful? I am thankful, though, at least to have Publix honoring them...it can save you tons of extra money! Especially the $/$$ coupons! Love those $10/$40 Walgreens that come out!

I hope this helps!

If you do not live in my town, just give your Publix a call and ask who they consider as a competitor! We don't even have a Walgreen's here in town with us and they still accept them as one! I think that this may be a corporate policy but I am not sure!

Anonymous said...

Publix turned down my walgreen's coupons. Said they weren't a real 'competitor'. All the items I purchased were items I could have easily picked up at Walgreen's. I am writing corporate for a real answer.
Just thought you should be prepared if you run into the same issue. ;0

Lissa Miller said...

Not all stores have the same policies. I was able to use the Walgreen's coupon here in Cartersville without a problem. Check with your store manager first if you are located in a different city...if you were in my local store...something is definitely wrong...as far as I know...the policies haven't change for our store! You probably could've come out better "savings wise" if you had gone to Walgreens! I would definitely let corporate know that too! For the most part coupons are a pretty smooth thing for me to use here in town...but every now and then I hit a bump and have to deal with the hassle of an employee who knows nothing about the coupon policies and just makes them up as they go! Not sure why they do that though? I hope your problem gets resolved! Keep us posted! Demand you $5 back from corporate if the store manager says that they take them!

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