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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday from 11-2pm and Local Coupon Classes Coming Soon!

This is what my typical shopping trip looks like! Nuts...I know!

I find such great deals on items that I love to pass the savings on to family and friends! Once per month I will be opening up my stockroom for people to purchase items from me at a fraction of the cost in addition to other yard sale items! This is not a get rich quick scheme but adds some additional income each month to my household! I am also still in the process of remodeling my finished daylight basement room! Once this is complete I will hold coupon training classes once per month for FREE! I love to share my enthusiasm with those who feel the same! These classes will be structured as if you were taking a college course but all crammed into 2 hours! Each month will offer something different...budgeting, meal planning, coupon resources, store coupon policies etc. Our local coupon club has ended...the founder has decided to go back on the road doing seminars and needs to spend her time preparing for that! I am in a sense taking over and offering my knowledge to those who wish to learn! I will keep everyone posted on those events as they come about!

I am having another sale on Saturday with my stockpile! I have tons of new things! I will occasionally pull things out of the house that I no longer need to add to the sale! This is a really good idea, in addition to donations, for those of you who have a gigantic surplus of items...as I do! If you live in a pretty good location people will buy these items without a doubt!

Last month's turn-out was wonderful and I sold a lot! As a rule of thumb, I price the items at half-off of the regular price it would cost in the store! There are a lot of people out there that don't have time for coupons and this is a great way for them to save money also without the hassle of coupons!

I will take pictures as I go and come back and post them!

I will also have a box set up for those who come to fill out a form with contact information for a free drawing! Come and see what you could get for free!

Here are some of the items I will have in the sale...
laundry detergent
stain remover
dish washing liquid
dish washing gel packs
all-purpose cleaner
glass cleaner
air fresheners
scented oil refills
cat food
spray starch
baby cereal
hand soap
body wash
nail accessories
nail polish
cough drops
hair styling products
shaving gel
kotex feminine products
playtex feminine products
nail brushes
body scrubbers/sponges etc
hand sanitizer
kingsford charcoal and lighterfluid
school supplies
sara lee bread (all bought today and tomorrow)
hot dog buns
spiral pasta
kellogg's, post and General Mills cereals...all types
ketchup, mustard, mayo
variation of jar pickles
bbq sauce
salad dressings
hot sauce
Worcestershire sauce
canned mixed veggies
v8 splash
lusianne tea bags
dole fruit cups
brownie mixes
pancake mix, syrup
slivered almonds
chex mix, cheerios mix
granola bars
boxes of Popsicles
brown sugar
spaghetti sauce
ice cream toppings
paper towels
rubbermaid to-go containers
and much much more!

Print this article out on your computer and bring it with you for 10% off of your entire purchase!

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