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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My First Giveaway! FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS for everyone!

How many of your children absolutely love to be on the computer? My daughter would sit for hours at a time if I allowed her too! We spend a lot of time with interactive games that teach her fundamentals along with her school curriculum! We also read to her on several occasions throughout the day! She wouldn't have it any other way! Reading is her forte and we encourage it as much as we can!

I was recently asked to take a look at a website called MobiStories. They are a site that offers digital downloads of children's books! Honestly, I had never thought of reading books online until now! Each book that they offer is narrated, illustrated, and has music. I was very impressed!

You can download the books in various forms. They offer them in the following formats: iPhone, iPod, Computers (Windows and MAC), DVD's, MP3's, Zune, iTunes, YouTube, Viddler, Revver, MySpace, and FaceBook! If your children have access to any of these components (which most do) please take advantage of this "free" offer! MobiStories has created this type of digital media to provide children with a healthy and productive activity. They (and I as well) believe that reading is an extremely vital skill that our children must possess and therefore offer a "new" way to introduce or enhance this skill!

These are just a few of the benefits of MobiStories:
  • Another way to promote reading at an earlier age
  • The opportunity to increase your child's literacy, vocabulary, and language skills
  • They are great for any type of trip (plane, car, or bus)
  • All-In-All it offers us, as parents, a good wholesome activity for our children
I personally took the time to read each area of their website and download my complimentary books! They have great previews and a good selection of books based on different age groups!

I downloaded the following books!
  1. The Squirrels Thanksgiving (in PC format which plays on my Windows Media Player)! Very cute...it's about being thankful!
  2. Little Is Big (in MP3 format)
  3. Tobias Turkey (in MP3 format)
  4. No Balloons Today (in MP3 format)
  5. The Firefly Star (in MP3 format)
  6. Salsa for Kittens & Puppies (which is a free book that they offer in addition to your order)

I was equally impressed with the length of each book! The visual book ran about 8 minutes and the MP3 files were all 15-20 minutes each!

Note: The MP3 format books can also be listened to through the Windows Media Player or equivalent program. I chose the MP3's to be able to load them onto my daughters MP3 player! We take trips to our hometown often and these will be a great addition!

Introducing $15 worth of books FREE from MobiStories: Virtual Books for Kids. For Everyone To Enjoy!

Just simply go to their website here, follow the directions below, and use the coupon code BSM168A to get your books today! Be sure to add "Salsa for Kittens & Puppies" to your order! It's also free in addition to your $15 purchase!

Here's how you redeem it:

1. Take a look through our library or use the "Select Age Range" tab at the top of the page

2. Click on books you'd like to preview

3. When you find one or more books you'd like to have, just add them to your shopping cart.

4. At checkout, enter your coupon code into the coupon code box. The total cost of your selections will be reduced by the value of your coupon.

5. You will then, receive an order confirmation email, and a separate email with the download instructions!

Note: Unless otherwise specified, coupons are valid for 1 transaction only up to the amount noted on the coupon. We hope you enjoy your MobiStories. Come back often, our library is always expanding.

The ordering process was extremely smooth! As soon as I submitted the order I received the email with the links to download the books. It was instant!

I hope that you and your children will enjoy these free digital books! This offer is for everyone and you are welcome to share this with your family and friends. Just make sure that they have the promotion code that allows you to get them for free!

I would like to hear your opinions on these books also! If you have any questions or comments please let me know! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated and will help me choose what free products to share with you in the future!

Happy Reading!

Be sure to check back with me frequently and check out other areas of my site! I have lots of free items to share with everyone!


sdbnc said...

Thank you so much for this site information and coupon code for free books. I just went on there and got three books. I really appriciate it.

Lissa Miller said...

I am glad that you were able to take advantage of this offer! I hope that you enjoy them! I love sharing with my viewers! Thanks again, for letting me know that you were able to get your free books! Lissa

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