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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Animal Awareness ***IMPORTANT***

Economic times are hard right now for a lot of families! Some are left with the choice of feeding their families or their animals and are choosing to part with their pets!

According to a recent article in our local paper, the pound has already euthanized approximately 8,000 cats and dogs as of October! This has been a record breaker for them. In addition to the euthanizing, they are running out of supplies for these animals. They too have a budget that they must stay within each year and that budget has long been exhausted!

I am a "cat" person...always have been and always will be! At one point in time my family had 9 cats all taken in from the streets! We lived on a few acres and had plenty of room for them to not be overcrowded! We use to love sitting outside and just watching them play!

I, myself, have 3 now and know how much it costs to feed and take care of them!

MoJo is my male that we rescued from an abusive home about 10 years ago.

Sally is my female that we adopted from a family that was in the Reserves and got called to duty in Iraq 2 years ago. We were told that she had been spayed but...this is where Gracie came from! She had a litter of 4 and we were able to find homes for the other three and decided to keep her because she was born with a problem. She was as flat as a pancake. Her rib cage was extremely flat and we were afraid that it would interfere with her lung capacity! Although she didn't show any signs of this problem affecting her...we couldn't resist! She was so cute! She couldn't lye on her side...she would just roll over because of the way her rib cage was shaped! The vet told us that sometimes these things are corrected with growth! Sure enough, Gracie has a perfectly round rib cage now and as healthy as she can be!

Gracie (by the grace of God) is our kitten that is about 14 weeks old. She is with me all through-out the day!

"Lucy Loo" (as my daughter calls her) is our foster kitten. She was dumped at a friend's house out of a car and we are currently looking to place her with a loving family! I would say she is about 5 months old!

She is why I am writing this post!

I can't tell you how many times we have had cats and dogs dumped out of vehicles in our yard! Most people don't want to face taking an animal to the pound and instead they will take them to neighborhoods that they have either seen "other animals" in or for no random reason! We have even had someone drop off a momma cat with her 4 kittens (eyes still closed) in the ditch by our home right by the road!

Besides being irresponsible as an owner, dropping off an animal...whether cat or dog... is extremely dangerous to the animal! Not familiar with its new surroundings...an animal has a higher chance of being hit by a car or causing a wreck. They obviously won't have any food or water (although we know that they have instincts about finding it) and this usually means finding what they need in garbage cans or by any other means where there is a possibility of the animal getting sick.

If you or someone you know finds that times are tough enough to find another home for you animal please check with your local adoption agencies first! There are many "no kill" rescue units in or around most cities! You can also list your pet on Freecycle.org or Craigslist. Most local "freebie" newspaper offer you to post in their classifieds for free. There are also stores that take in cats such as Petland and Petsmart (I am not sure if they take dogs in). You can even take them up to your local Walmart or Kmart and sit there...hoping that someone will take them in! Just please, if you can help it, stay away from the pound!

Many times, as a coupon user, I run across really good deals on supplies for these animals! Although I do not have any dogs...I will still get the dog food and donate it, along with the things that my cats won't eat, to the shelter! They are always in need of many items no matter where you live!

Here is a list of items that are constantly needed!

Cat Litter
Dry/Wet Cat Food
Dry/Wet Dog Food
Food Bowls
Litter Boxes
Litter Scoopers
CLEANING SUPPLIES (boy do we have plenty of these!)

Anytime you run across a good deal and pass it up because you don't need it...think of the shelters! They are so appreciative of even the smallest donation!

1 comment:

April said...

great article...we have 4 cats and 2 large dogs ourselves. I would hate to be in a position of picking and choosing which ones we would have to get rid of it came down to it.

I know our area has a place that will help with low cost spaying and neutering(we used it one time for one of our cats and it only cost $10)

Our local pound is receiving so many animals they now charge you to drop them off. It saddens me to think how many are just dumped or worse. I try to help donate freebies I can get(like treats, some foods, etc) to our one and only No Kill Shelter.

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