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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giving To Charity!

I have had many of you ask the question "Where do you donated your items?"

I have donated anonymously and personally!

I have donated from person to person. There have been situations in others lives that may arise and if I have something that will help them I will give it to them! I have donated tons of items this way and have been able to help countless families out!

What have I donated? Anything you can think of! Laundry detergent, dish soap, bar soap, shampoo, etc.

How did I know the family was in need? Church is a good place to start! I pay attention when prayers are going out to families who have had a lost or someone who has had surgery or what ever the case may be!

I have also donated toys and my time to our local Bartow Christmas Coalition! This is a non-profit group that takes in donations of cash to buy toys at discounts from Kmart! They help out families in need through the aid of our local DEFACS office!

We have also adopted a family through the DEFACS office before! They have it set up where you can come in and sign up for the adoption. Each child in the family writes a list of things that they want from Santa and you purchase the items for them! I have also given the families a Christmas meal along with the children's presents!

Our local Pet adoption agency is another place that I have donated cat and dog food!

I have given items away to family and friends when I find them for free or almost free...Even some of my friends families!

There are countless ways to donate your items to anyone who may need them!

If you have any creative ways that you have donated your time or items...let us know! I would be interested in hearing your stories!

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