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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scan Right Guarantee at Grocery Stores

This is a great FYI tip!

Did you know that if an item does not ring up as the advertised price on the shelf you can get it for free?

Kroger and Publix both honor this program! As far as I know, Ingles does not!

I have had to use this once at Kroger. I purchased some of the TUMS packs. Some of them rang up at $1.69 and some rang up at .89 (if I recall correctly). I had coupons for $1/1 which would have made them all free at the .89. I asked the cashier why some rang up different prices and they took off the $1.69 for 3 of them that rang up at that price plus still allowed me to use my coupons! Not only did I get them for free but I was able to get overage (I went to take my coupons back and the cashier said "no, you can still use them!").

It pays to pay attention more when you shop! Being a coupon user...this comes natural, as I am always making sure that every coupon is scanned at check-out!

So the next time your price isn't right! Get it for free!

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