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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O Chirstmas Tree!

Here are just a few pictures of my Christmas tree!

Each year we have the same theme! I call it "Mix n' Match"! There is a little of every type of ornament on this tree! I have inherited ornaments (antiques and personal ones that were given to me each year as I was growing up), one's from yard sales, thrift stores, those purchased each year for my daughter, and my favorite...hand-made by my daughter!

The tree never looks the same because each year there are new ornaments and they are never in the same place!

I come from a family that has always wrapped their presents to "match" their tree (my cousin Pam calls it a sickness! lol). So, to go along with the Mix N' Match Tree...are the Mix N' Match wrapped presents (all paper and bags that I purchase for 90% off!)

Tip: Although the presents look a plenty...I promise you that my pockets are not empty! I have 26 family members that I have purchased presents for this year! I wrap even the smallest gift instead of combining into 1 bag (opening more presents is a lot more fun!). My budget, including Santa for my daughter, was $300 and I came in right on target!

I shop year round, like my Nanny, and therefore I can snag great deals when I see them rather than paying full price! I usually go for the items that are at least 75% off or more! Most of the ones here are around that percentage! I wait for the 2 or 3 weeks after Christmas where most retail stores place their Christmas leftovers on clearance starting at 30% the day after Christmas. Then, throughout the year, I pick up things here and there as I see them!

I keep an ongoing list in my organizer so that I make sure not to overbuy for one individual!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this year!

Have you taken pictures of your decorations? I would love to see them! Leave us a comment with a link!

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