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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stores Not Accepting Printable Coupons

Has a cashier or manager refused to take a coupon from you? Do certain stores in your area not accept internet prinable coupons? Then this information is for you!

FreebiesForMom has a great post here on being an informed coupon user.

The article covers a letter that is written by SmartSource explaining that their coupons are legitimate.

She also has a link to Walmart's Coupon Policy that you can print out and take into the store with you!

I actually have been in quite a few situations where a cashier would not take an internet printable coupon. Most of the time, with manager approval, the coupon is still used.

Personally I have had horrible luck with our local Target. There apparently is one lady that comes in every day using 5-10 of the same coupon and therefore has ruined it for the rest of us. I was truly offended when I was accused of coupon abuse for trying to use 3 identical coupons on 3 of the same products (which is completly legal in the coupon world). The cashier was extremely rude and argumentative towards me. She got upset with me when I told her to void those items from my order. I was so upset that I told her to void out my complete order, that I was not purchasing anything from a store whose employees treated customers so rudely. I immediately went over to the customer service desk and asked for the store manager. Once he came up I asked him if we could have a talk with the cashier included (so many times a consumer complains to a manager and nothing happens...they believe their cashiers over the customers). Once confronted in the presence of the manager the cashier did admit that she said the things that I told him and the manager said that there was no limit to the number of coupons that could be used as long as the coupon didn't state that there was a limit. My main argument was...if I purchased these three items without a coupon there would be no questions...but because I choose to take the time to make a sound "savings" purchase using coupons, I am automatically deemed abusive by someone else's practice (the fradulent Target coupon for $5/$25 was brought up in my first conversation with the cashier).

Ok...I'm done venting...In other words please pratice the "It's Got To Be Real" Rule...those that don't make it harder for those who are honest with their coupons...in this case!

Vent with me if you would like! Have you ever had trouble using ANY type of coupon and ANY store? Let me know! I know many locally that this has happened to in various stores and this is part of why some choose not to use coupons any more...discouragement from cashiers giving us a hard time!!!

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