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Saturday, January 10, 2009

How would you like to make $15? Read On To Learn How!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

It's Saturday night...another hectic week done and over! What to do next? How about making a quick $15 for starters???

First, let me tell you about a company called Revolution Money Exchange! This company is identical to PayPal. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE? There are NO fees involved with transactions and you can get money to sign up with them right now!

I sell on eBay occasionally and know that when individuals pay you through Paypal there is a 6%+ fee that they charge you to use their program! Revolution Money Exchange charges absolutely NO fees and that is wonderful!

They are trying to get as many people "on board" with their program and to make the deal even sweeter you can get sign-on bonuses right now!

Right now they have a sign-up bonus of $10 going on! If you create an account with them they will deposit $10 into your Revolution Money Exchange account! BOOM! There is your first $10!

They also have an awesome referral program! For every individual that signs up through your referral you will get an additional $10 in referral fees deposited into your account!

Here's how you can make an additional $5 to be added into your account.
A grand total of $15 for just minutes of your time!

  1. Sign Up AND Confirm Your Subscription to receive emails from SavingYourCents
  2. Use the button below to register with Revolution Money Exchange.
It's that simple!

Once the email subscription is complete and your registration with Revolution Money Exchange is finalized (by me seeing your referral in my personal account) I will send you back half of your referral fee! I will get $10 for referring you and I would like to share half of that with you! It's a Win-Win situation for everyone!

Very Important:
Please read the following tips before proceeding to register an account with Revolution Money Exchange!

You DO NOT have to enter your bank information to be a part of this deal! Some individuals may feel uncomfortable giving out such personal information and I want to let you know that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!

You will have to give them your Social Security Number. As with Paypal, Revolution Money Exchange uses your Social Security Number to verify that You are You. I signed up back in the summer and have had no security issues with the site! Many other reputable web site have referred this company without any problems!

Once you sign up for an account you will see the $10 in your account. One thing you will want to do is to refer any adults in your home! Husband, Wife, Sister, etc. You will be able to send referral emails to anyone that you know through them once your account is created! FOR EACH PERSON THAT YOU REFER YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL $10. You are allowed to refer up to 50 people. THAT's $500! WOW!

Once you refer everyone that you can... here's how to get your money!

***You will see the referral money in your account...YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THE MONEY BEFORE YOU CAN ACCESS IT! There will be an accept button for you to click on for each $10!***

Since you didn't enter banking information you can choose the option to have a check mailed to you! I pulled money out of the account this past summer and cashed the check with NO PROBLEM! Here's the catch! They will charge you a fee of $2.50 for the mailing of the check! Still not a bad deal for free money!

Here's what to do if you sign up your husband or wife! Like I said before, when you sign up you receive the $10. Once they sign up they will receive $10 and you will receive an additional $10. You will have $20 in your account and they will have $10 in their account! If you both live in the same household there's NO NEED to request separate checks! If you do, they will take $2.50 out of yours and $2.50 out of theirs! You will want to take the $10 in their account and have them send it to you as a payment into your account! Once you do this their balance will be $0 and yours will be $30. NOW you can request the check!

You can have multiple accounts set up in the same household as long as there are different people all with valid social security numbers! The social security numbers are used to validate the addresses!

Once you request the check you can only enter the amount for the check minus the $2.50. So, if you have $30 in your account then you will want to enter $27.50 for the amount of the check you are requesting! You have just saved yourself another $2.50 by combining the money from 2 accounts!

My mother and brother allowed me to refer them and just keep the money for myself! I was able to transfer their money along with my husbands all into my account and cut one check from it! I received my $10 for signing up, $30 in referral fees for my husband, brother, and mother, and since they let me keep their money I transferred their $10 each into my account for a total of $70 for 4 people! I was really excited when I received the check in the mail and I hope you will be too!

I hope that every one of you has lots of referrals and makes lots of money! I have tested this program personally and know that it is a legit company!

If you have any questions please email me or leave a comment and I will get back with you as soon as I can!

Click on this button to sign up now!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

According to an anonymous commenter, there may be a possible issue with receiving the $10 sign-up bonus. I am not sure what the problem may be, but until I receive correspondence from Revolution Money Exchange I would like to ask that no one signs up for the program yet. I do not want there to be registration under false pretenses and want to make sure that everything is working correctly before anyone else continues. If anyone else has already signed up for the program and received the $10 bonus in their account please contact me to let me know @ savingyourcents @ comcast dot net


Anonymous said...

I signed up but did not receive the $10.00 referral fee. Maybe there is a problem.

Lissa said...

Anonymous...I just saw you comment and I am not sure what has happened! The $10 is a Sign-Up Bonus. If you used the button on my article to sign up then I would get a $10 referral bonus. I logged into my account with Revolution Money exchange and did not have any pending referral bonuses. If you could email me with the email address that you signed up with I can contact the company through email or call them Monday morning when their office opens. I would suggest that you contact them also. I apologize for the confusion but I don't have any control over the registration process. The button is linked with a special code for me...and when individuals sign up through that button they are suppose to add a $10 referral fee into my account. If there is something going on we need to find out what it is...on my end and yours. Be sure to send me your information to help you look into this issue.

Here is Revolution Money Exchange contact information directly from their site.

Customer Service

Please read our FAQs if you have any questions about MoneyExchange. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via email or call the number below to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Email Us:
Please send all correspondence to customerservice@revolutionmoney.com . Please do not transmit personal or sensitive information such as your password or PIN via electronic mail.

Call Us:
To speak with a MoneyExchange Customer Service Representative,
call 1-800-794-9071.
Hours of operation: Monday – Sunday 7:00 am – 9:00pm Eastern Time.

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