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Friday, January 16, 2009

Lead Testing Law May Affect Your Business!

Do you make children's clothing and accessories? What about toys? If you do, then you will want to read this article! If you hand-make anything for children this law is going to apply to you!

I was visiting one of my local consignment stores today and during our conversation I was told about a new law that was to go in effect on February the 10th.

This law will not affect her consignment store items (used) but will affect some of her vendors! Her mother-in-law actually makes the cutest hand knitted clothing and accessories for children. If this law is pushed through then she will no longer be able to carry her items among other hand-made items in her store! In order for her mother-in-law to continue selling these items she will have to have each and every item sent off to be tested for its lead levels which is quite costly. If violators are caught selling items that have not been tested there is a penalty of $100,000. Quite a hefty fine for a bib I would say! There are 3 tiers to punishment. 1st offense is $100,000 2nd offense is $100,000 and 3rd offense is JAIL!

If you would like to learn more about this law please go to their site to read more!

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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