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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Home Office Make-Over

My family and I purchased our home almost 3 years ago. We have decorated almost every room in the house and the finished basement is the only room left!

I thought that it would be interesting to write an article on my progress through this journey.

Since I have become a work-from-home mom, I felt the need to put a personal touch on my workspace!

I chose the color "caladon pottery" to liven up the room (I promise it won't look so bad once you see the final product~the beige that was on the wall prior to this color made it look awful at first!)

Over the next few days I will be painting the room, replacing the blind to my one and only window, shampooing the carpet, replacing the current drop ceiling tiles (the old ones were dingy and breaking) and adding my own decorative touches!

My Budget for this project is $1000.

Here are the items that I have already purchased or plan to purchase.

2 gallons of paint
1 quart of trim paint
1 blind
drop ceiling panels
office furniture (some preciously purchased and some new)
new computer monitor
Do away with fluorescent lighting and add recessed lighting (my brother is an electrician and I am getting the family labor discount! FREE)
Wood for Shelves and bench
Material for windows and pillows (possibly to re-upholster chairs)

I won't be able to complete my office furniture quite yet. I am looking for specific pieces to add to my collection for a eclectic design. Hopefully my trips to thrift stores and re-sale store will turn out for the better this week! If not...I will just keep looking!

  • I plan to have a huge workspace area, complete with appropriate storage solutions (lots of paper). My daughter will have room to use her computer with my new system (to be right by my side!)
  • An area for guests (seating area at the opposite side of my desk and a conference table for classes. I found a table on clearance at Kmart for 90% off). Now all I need to do is find the chairs!
  • An office/coupon class supply storage area ( I will be using a hutch that I found brand new at Kmart for 90% off!).
  • An entertainment area (Bookshelf that my grandfather made out of scrap wood found on the side of the road~wonder where I get my instincts from?Repainted, along with a seating area for 2-3 people...may some floor pillows and a love seat!) in the nook at the back of the room! This will also serve many purposes. I will have a T.V. there for videos and dvd's to be watched along with being able to show my computer monitor across the room for my classes to be able to view the screen much easier.My favorite is a quite space for me and my husband when all of the family is here! You definitely need time to yourself in a house full of people!
  • My Piano (for my enjoyment)
  • A reading area (mainly for my daughter). I plan to build a bench (with storage in it) and add a cushion along with shelves for her many books!

I wanted to be able to offer my coupon classes in my home in addition to preparing for my daughter to stay at home with me this upcoming summer (need plenty of things for us to do!)

I will be completing a majority of the work today and tomorrow so please be patient with my responses to comments and emails during this process!

I plant to show you everything that I have done! I am so excited and I can't wait to share my frugal decorating ideas with you!


Kiristie said...

I have a rug. It is a large area rug. It has been in my garage so it needs to be steamed cleaned. It is yours if you want it. I also have a pretty picture that I got at a yard sale for a $1.00 and just needs the glass for the frame, that's why she sold it to me for so cheap. It has a little girl and her mother just comforting her.(It is a black picture so I hope it will do you).
Let me know if you would like these items. I do believe in recycling. I think I may have some other things once I unpack the garage.

Lissa said...

Thanks for offering those items Kiristie! I will get in touch with you over the next few days to see if I can use them!

I also agree with recycling items! I can't tell you how many things I have gotten rid of on Freecycle for just this purpose...things just sitting around the house!

As a matter of fact, I just freecycled my used drop ceiling tiles! Most of them were in reusable condition but the pattern had been discontinued so the new ones didn't match and I had to replace all of them! These things can be paininted and I have someone picking them up today!

One less thing to fill up our landfills!

I will email you later!


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