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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Publix Current Deals 1/21-1/27

I am running behind today and I wanted to go ahead and get some of the deals out to everyone!

Sarah over at Fiddledeedee has released her match-ups already...

Go here to view the coupon match-ups for Internet Printable coupons

Go here to view the coupon match-ups for manufacturer coupons

I will come back in later today to add anything else to the add with competitor coupons.

PLEASE NOTE: Our local store in Cartersville, GA is in the process of changing their coupon policy. I am waiting to meet with the store manager by the end of the week to get the new policy for you once they complete it. According to the customer service manager they have seen then amount of people in their store using coupons more than triple over the last few months and there seems to be some confusion with their current policy.

One of the manager's advised me that there are two individuals who they feel "abuse the system" and this is part of why they are changing their policy. It only takes one person to ruin it for the rest of us! ALWAYS PRACTICE LEGIT COUPON USAGE AND BE COURTEOUS TO OTHERS IN THE AMOUNT OF ONE ITEM THAT YOU PURCHASE! These individuals come in each week and practically wipe the shelves out. They suspect that they are reselling their items in a convenience store and are quite upset about it. They view their abuse is taking everything off of the shelf and not allowing other customers take advantage of the sales.

I make it a point to never take more than 4 to 6 of the same item off of the shelf when shopping. I always leave product behind for someone else! If there is a really good deal on something I ask the managers to order it for me the first day of the sale. They would much rather order items in bulk than have you wipe everything out! The product comes in on their next truck and you get what you need along with everyone else getting what they need!

They are changing some of their "accepting competitor coupon stacking policies along with changing the maximum $ amount of internet printables that they will allow!

I will post an update on this new policy for everyone to view and have asked the store manager to post the policy change at the front of the store along with information at each register! I feel that this will make everyone aware of the change. There's nothing more frustrating than getting in line with a buggy full of groceries only to find out that you can't use certain coupons. This will make things go more smoothly for the cashiers and create less "anger" from customers. A WIN WIN situation if they post the change! Hopefully they will take my suggestion into consideration. We will see!


Debbie said...

Hey Lisa,

Just a quick note--I ran into a problem w/a Publix cashier a few weeks ago. I immediately came home and shot off an e-mail to corporate, and a hard copy to my local Publix.

Before I knew it, the store mgr. was calling me back. She said that CORPORATE Publix has no official coupon polcies, but their OFFICIAL policy is to always make the customer happy and to err on the side of the customer.


That said, your local Publix (we are in No. GA-Cumming), should not be able to change those two things.

You should still be able to stack and use competitor coupons. Hopefully, they won't put too many restrictions on their shoppers with this new policy.

Good luck!

Lissa said...

I just spoke with the assistant manager again for our store. The store manager will not be back until Monday and I asked if he could email him and let him know that I will be coming in to talk to him. He had asked the assitant manager to tell me this because I had requested it at my last trip!

I teach classes and just simply want to know exactly what the policies are to make sure that what I teach is not misleading and accurate.

I hopefully can resolve the issue internally since my relationship with the managers is closer than your average shopper.

One of the policies in question is stacking competitor coupons with manufacturer coupons. They are saying that we cannot do this. I explained that I have been doing it for the past 1 1/2 years straight and never been told otherwise until now. They will still stack the publix coupons with manufacturers.

The other in question is the dollar amount of IP coupons they will be accepting. They are trying to have it change to $1 or less. Anything over that will be rejected.

We will keep our fingers crossed! Thanks for the tip!

They did not have a copy of the corporate policy on hand but hopefully the store manager will be able to clarify this while he is at corporate tomorrow!

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