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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Share your coupon organization method with Saving Your Cents!

I am looking for anyone interested in sharing their coupon methods. I am composing a detailed article that will be permanently linked on my sidebar describing the various ways to organize your coupons!
This is your chance to shine!

If you would like to share your methods with Saving Your Cents please send me an email. I would like to show everything possible!

Many people are just starting out and their #1 questions is "How do I organize?" Some people are looking to change their current method! Whatever the case may be...I want to be able to provide everyone with the information that they need to make the decision easier for them!

What works for one, may not work for other...let's show them what we do! Your method may be perfect for someone else to try!

We are all in this together so let's show our support!

I hope to hear from everyone!

What am I looking for?

  • If you have a blog and have written an article on your method...send me the link! I will link to you in the article!
  • If you don't have a blog...simply just write an email describing how you organize your coupons. Any pictures would be a great addition!


Alpha said...

I used several different methods before I found this one that works great for me! But I'm a nerd, so be warned.

First, I organize my multiple inserts and put like pages together. Then, I staple the coupons before clipping them out. This keeps like coupons together. Next I enter each coupon's information into my Excel spreadsheet. The coupons then get put in my binder, grouped by insert type/date. No organizing by category; I just put them in the next available slot in my binder (I use the photo sheets with four per page). Next, I sort and print my spreadsheet. First I sort by brand and print on one side of the paper. Then I sort by category and print of the other side of the paper. The best part of this system is that there is no more flipping through my binder while in the store and very little pre-trip planning needed. I just go through the store, consult my printout and pull coupons from the appropriate slot. It's a definite time saver. It also ensures that I have all my coupons with me at the store. I hated it when I would plan my trip, pull my coupons ahead of time, and then find great deals on stuff that wasn't advertised. I either had to go back and get my coupons or miss out on the deal.

The spreadsheet normally ranges between 800-1200 lines and takes about 45 minutes per week to update (except for this week, I just can't seem to get it done).

Lissa said...

Wow! I'm impressed! The excel worksheet sounds like a good idea! I do exactly what you do...with the stapling! I thought I was the only one! LOL I have 5 binders (that I plan to share when I write the article)with the baseball inserts. I place each coupon in a separate slot in alphabetical order by brand name! This takes some time too...I will have to admit that I don't take the coupon binders in with me. I will take them and keep them in the trunk for clearance purchases! Sometimes I can't even remember things in conversations that I have had 2 or 3 days ago...but it's amazing at how much of a photographic memory I have when it comes to which coupons I have! I guess that's why I can't remember other things as well anymore...Coupons are in my brain! Thanks for sharing and I will definitely share your method when I write my article! (as far as being behind...I promise you aren't the only one! Last weekend I sat at my desk for almost 4 hours...I had clipped but not organized my coupons...the holidays took most of my time up...that will never happen again! LOL I usually spend about 45 minutes clipping organizing and making my list once per week! Having the blog helps me find super deals and I hope that it helps you also! Thanks again! Lissa

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