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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coupons are disappearing in some areas!

I recently read an article on Mercede's ("CommonSenseWithMoney") blog.

She was explaining that Red Plum has decided to stop inserting their coupon packets in the Sunday newspaper and start mailing them to your home!

This is not a good thing. This will limit the number of coupon packets that you can get to 1 (plus any others you can scrounge up from family and friends). You will no longer have the luxury of buying multiple papers for multiple inserts because they simply won't be in there!

Go here to read her post!

Georgia will continue to receive them in the paper but we won't know how much longer that will exist! Be proactive and put your 2 cents in! The more we speak out on this issue the more they will listen!


Amy said...

Please go to www.BringBackTheCoupons.com to have your voice heard!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Ellijay and they do not sale the AJC/Constituition north of Canton anymore - so I do hope I can at last get them in the mail.

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