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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free 411 Calls

I saw this information advertised on a blog (I apologize for not remembering which one it was) quite a few months ago and started using this service immediately!

1-800-FREE411 is an information service that is offer free of charge (their advertisers foot the bill).

When you dial 411 to access a phone number you are charged a fee (for me it's $1.75) by your phone company.

If you call 1-800-FREE411 that call will be completely free (with the exception of using minutes by a cell phone provider).

My husband loves to dial 411 every time he turns around and before this was costing us an additional $10 or more dollars on our monthly bill!

I programmed this number into both of our cell phones (and other family members and friends) and we have never paid for the information service since then!

It takes approximately 1 minute to gain access to the number you are inquiring about! You will have to listen to approximately 2 - 15 second advertisements (one at the beginning and one right after you ask for the number).

It only took a few days for me to get use to using this service and ever since then the advertisements do not bother me!

I would say that 20 seconds of my time is worth that $1.50 fee wouldn't you???

Give it a try...you won't be disappointed!

You can go to their website here to read more information on their service!

We all love free things right???


Tiffany said...

Perhaps it was me. I do love it! I know it has saved me lots of $$$!

Lissa said...

I know that it was back over the summer sometime...when I saw it and started using it!

My husband is the culprit when it comes to calling information and there's no telling how much money it has saved our family!

It really is a great thing!

Glad to hear that someone else is saving money from it also!

Talk to you soon...

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