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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kroger Rain Check Info

I thought that this would be an important note to take on rain checks for my Kroger Shoppers.

If you didn't already know...

Most stores only allow you to get a rain check for a total of 4 items (CVS, INGLES, Rite Aid, Kmart, Target,and PUBLIX in my area).

Kroger gives higher quantity rain checks on certain sale items.

When there is an item out-of-stock that is included in a 10/$10 deal they will allow you to have a rain check for 10...yes 10 of that item.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky today, because at Publix I asked for a raincheck for 15 items and they had no problem, but last week at the same store i asked for a reaincheck for 4 items and they said they can give me only for 2 items...

Lissa said...

You have experienced what I like to call "every employee make your own policy up" syndrome! LOL

This will happen from time to time for better or worse as you explained!

Did they write all 15 on one rain check? Or split it up? WOW that was awesome...if they say that it's ok then it's ok!

It really depends on your local store and sometimes even on the person doing it for you!

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