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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updated Stockpile Pictures

This is a picture of the bottom 2 shelves! (Overflow from upstairs)

This is a picture of the top shelf...loaded with free TP from Kroger (I have been adding to this supply for over 3 months now with all of the coupons that keep coming out! I made sure that I purchased only a few at a time once per week to ensure that their were packs left for everyone else! I will not have to pay for TP for over a year due to these coupons and this is why I have so much...so I don' have to buy any!)

I have recently been doing some "rearranging" in my home!

My family was lucky enough to have a friend give us some leftover wire rack pieces that allowed us to transform a downstairs closet into a massive storage unit!

Originally it was a closet with one shelf (the one at the top). Our friends gave us the other 2 pieces and all we had to do was have them cut to size and buy the brackets (hooray for recycling).

$20 later the picture above was the result! Not too bad for $20!

I am so excited to have this new storage are in our home!


Terra said...

I am jealous of your space and your stockpile! I just recently started trying to stockpile some things using coupons. I have enough free toothpaste and almost free tylenol or generic tylenol to last us a VERY long time - however I am not doing so well with food items and I would like to be. ARGH! Way to go though - your closet looks great!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Awesome closet system! I will get there some day, maybe! Love your site.

Lissa said...

Thank you both for complimenting me on my stockpile!

It does take a while for the food to start adding up...toiletries are not a problem and soon take over if you play the drug store games (way faster than food!)

It probably took me about 6 months to get a really good food stockpile going!

The key is to have at least a minimum of 1 set of coupon inserts per family member!

I use to only to 2 sets...and when I would find cereal for .50 or canned veggies for .10 I could only buy 2 of them at that price!

I buy 7 papers per week and get a ton more from my neighbors and sometimes if their is a really good coupon (something that is free or close to it) I go out and pick up some more of my local freebie papers that have coupons in them!

The coupons can get out of control on that level (I had 5 binders and just recently swapped over to a huge box with the envelope system and will share this information soon as an article!)but if you can stay organized...then you can buy 7 or more cans of veggies at .10 and therefore stock up!

I hope to hear more from both of you in the future! Email me anytime...if you ever have any questions or great deals that you have found!

Talk to you soon!

Lisa B. said...

Love looking at stockpile pics!

I also organize my coupons in photo boxes (and my recipes). I have my post in my sidebar on my blog cause so many people asked to see a pic of it! lol

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