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Monday, March 23, 2009

Where's The Beef? Who has meat on sale this week?

Where's The Beef?

A list of each grocery stores meat sales this week!

For the week of 3/21 - 3/28

Tip of the day: Did you know that the Publix meat department will cut any piece of meat that you purchase for them free of charge?

Example: They have their whole chickens on sale for .79/lb...have them cut it up into pieces and save yourself some money! If you purchased the same amount of chicken already cut up...you would PAY EXTRA for the labor!

Note: If you plan to have more than 3 chickens cut up they like to know in advance...so give em' a call!


Publix Whole Chicken: .79/lb (regular price: $1.39/lb)

Publix T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks: $5.67/lb (regular price: $10.09/lb)

Perdue Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast: $2.99/lb (not a good deal at all...ONLY if you absolutely need it!)


Moist & Tender Pork Ribs: $2.99/lb (regular $3.99/lb)

Boneless Chuck Roast: $2.99/lb (regular $4.29/lb)

Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $1.99/lb (regular $5.49/lb) (Beats Publix price)

Tyson Split Chicken Breasts: $.99/lb (regular $2.79/lb) BEST DEAL (make it skinless yourself)


Baby Back Pork Ribs: $3.78/lb (regular $5.28/lb)

10 lb bag of Leg Quarters: $5.80 (regular $8.80) GREAT BBq'd on the grill or to make Chicken N' Rice!

Ground Beef: $1.98/lb (regular $3.18/lb) When can we get .99/lb again? We will probably never see that price again!

Bottom Round Roast: $2.98/lb (regular $4.98/lb)

Salmon Fillets $5.98/lb (regular $8.38/lb)

Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $1.98/lb (regular $4.46/lb)


momma-lana said...

In answer to the 99 cent ground beef question-sometimes early in the day at Ingles (have found at more than one) they have packages of ground beef labeled as though they are marked down. They are labaled as the 70% lean but the date on them is always 2-3 days away and the meat looks really good-like ground round or sirloin. This meat is wonderful and my guess is that it is the trimmings from cuttin meat that morning. It is usually around $1 a pound. Keep an eye out for it! I buy at least 10 pounds when ever I see it.

Lissa said...

Hi Lana!

I stop by Ingles occasionally but have never lucked up on the meat at that price!

I spoke to one of the guys in the meat department a while ago and he did say that they take their roasts and steaks, grind them up, and sell them as ground beef on clearance! He told me that they can usually make sure that they are able to sell it that way since ground beef is the most popular beef that people purchase!

I have been able to score meat like this over and over at Kroger but I may just have to stop by Ingles first tomorrow to see what they have since I am trying to build my meat surplus up again!

Thanks for the tip!

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