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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you have a Key Ring Thing?

I ran across this site today and thought that I would share it with you!

How many of you, like me, have tons of loyalty cards dangling from your key chain? How many times have you had to flip through each one individually to get to the right one while shopping?

I have found the answer to our chaotic key chains with this site!

The Key Ring Thing is a site set up to combine all of your shopper loyalty cards into one key ring...how awesome is that!

Each card will hold up to six bar codes. You just simply enter your store names and the bar code numbers and voila! You can have laminated cards sent to your home for a processing fee ($1.97 for 1, $3.97 for 2, $4.97 for 3, and $5.97 for 4) or you can choose to print one out from your computer! I printed my cards out (I still had to have 2) and laminated them. Tip: You can usually find little laminating pockets at the dollar stores or in Walmart Target, etc. for around $1-2. The usually have 4 or more packets in them!

It will look something like this (with your stores on it)...

You can go here to sign up for yours!

I haven't tested it at the stores yet. I will be going out later on this afternoon and I will stop by CVS to see if the barcodes are clear enough to be scanned and report back to everyone!


Mindy Wilson said...

Sounds great!

Lissa said...

Hi Mindy! Thanks for writing! I was actually able to use the temporary one that I printed out with no problems what so ever!

The only negative thing that I see is when they scan the card. You have to make sure that the other bar codes are covered up so that the register doesn't pick them up!

Talk to you soon! Lissa

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