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Monday, April 20, 2009

Kroger Current Weekly Deals

Kroger Current Weekly Deals

For the week of 4/19 - 4/25

What's Free This Week?

Quaker Rice Snacks: $1
Use: $1/1 RP 3/29

Price: FREE

Angel Soft Toilet Paper: 4 ct: $1

Use: .50/1 RP 4/19

Price: FREE

McCormick Grill Mates: $1

Use: .50/1 RP 4/19

Price: FREE

Hall's Cough Drops: $1.50

Use: FREE Product Coupon SS 3/29
Price: FREE

Suave Deodorant: $1

Use: .50/1 RP 3/29
Price: FREE

Huggies Wipes: $1 ( I believe it's the 42 ct.)
Use: $.50/1 here and .50/1 from this past weekends paper
Price: FREE

Barilla Piccolini Pasta: 4/$3
Use: .50/1 from SS 3/29
Price: FREE plus possible overage

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta: 4/$3
Use: .50/1 from SS 3/29
Price: FREE plus possible Overage!

Halls Cough Drops: Price unknown
Use: Free Product Coupon from SS 3/29
Price: FREE

Not Free But Sooooooooo Worth It...

Kroger is having a promotion on their "Comforts" (store brand) baby products. If you purchase $15 worth then you will receive an instant $3 off of your order at the register!

Here's The Scenario:
Buy 2 packs of Comfort Diapers @ $6.49 each
Buy 3 42 ct Toddler Wipes (Comforts Brand) @ $1 each
Total: $15.98
Use: 2 - $3/1 Comforts Diaper coupons here
Total: $9.98 minus the instant $3 off =
Final Price of $6.98 for 2 pks of diapers and 3 toddler wipes! WOW!

Tip: If you have any of the $1/1 Peelie coupons for any Comfort Item (found on baby wash) or the $2/1 off of any Comforts Product Peelie coupon found on the formula...you deal will be sweeter! Keep an eye out for these coupons!

Other Sales This Week:

Sun Burst Laundry: $1.88

Powerade Zero: $1
Use: .40/1 SS 3/22
Price: .20 each

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 18oz: $2.29
Use: $1/1 coupon from MAY All You Magazine
Price: $1.29 each
Tip: Their is a satisfaction Guarantee form here

Blistex Lip Balm: $1
Use: .35/1 SS 2/8
Price: .30 each

Glass Plus $2
Use: .50/1 from SS 3/22
Price: $1

Airwick Aerosols: .88 each
Use: BOGO coupon from SS 4/5
Price: .44 each

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills: $2.89 each
Use: $2/2 from SS 3/15
PRice: $1.89 each

Cantaloupe is $1.38 each

Kroger Jelly: $1
Use: .50/2 Kroger Mailer coupon
Price: .50 each

St. Ives Body Wash: $2.39
Use: $1/1 from SS 3/22
Price: $1.39 each

Schick Quattro (Women) Razor: $6.99
Use: $4/1 from the SS 3/22
Price: $2.99

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner: $2.50
Use: .75/1 SS 3/29
Price: $1.75 each

Vanity Fair Napkins: $2
Use: .501/ RP 3/29
Price: $1 each

Duncan Hines Cake Mix: $1
Use: .35/1 SS 3/29
Price: .30 each

Purina Whisker Likins Cat Treats: $1
Use: $1/2 RP 2/8
Price: .50 each

Hungry Jack Syrup: $2.79
Use: $1/1 Blinkie found in Kroger (Confirmed in Cartersville Store)
Price: $1.79 each

Strawberries are $1.65 each pack

Kroger Value Russet Potatoes 5 lb: $1.49
Use: .55/1 Kroger Mailer coupon
Price: .94 each

Lawry's Marinade: $1
Use: .35/1 RP 3/29
Price: .50 each

Niagra Spray Starch: $1.19
Use: .25/1 SS 2/22
Price: .69 each

Capri Sun: 10 pks: $1.79 each
Use: $1/1 Sunrise Variety
Price: .79
Tip: I didn't see this product in my Kroger so some may have it and some may not!

Pillsbury Box Brownies: $1
Use: .35/1 Rp 3/29
Price: .30 each

Lawry's Seasoned Salt: $1.49
Use: .50/1 RP 4/5
Price: .49 each

Kraft Frozen Bagel-Fuls: $2.50
Use: .75/1 SS 4/19
Price: $1.75

Member of BeCentsAble's Original Grocery Gathering

Did you find anything great this week? Did I miss something? Link up and share your deals with us! Please post match-ups and shopping trips if you have them or just simply leave a comment on a great find!

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Lisa said...

OMG you rock! I bought 40 items at my Kroger in Fort Worth and only spent $1.46 OOP!!!! Thanks so much for making it sooo clear!!! BTW my area had the Capri Sun morning drinks... Thanks!!

christa said...

how is the pasta free? won't you be paying $4 for 3 items and the coupons will be $ 3 off (3 - .50 coupons doubled)leaving $ 1 for 3 items.

BOGOfetcher.com said...

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Get Your Local Buy One Get One Free deals emailed to you from BOGOfetcher.com! Get BOGO's from local grocery stores (90+), pharmacies (15+), shoe stores, fast food and soooo much more in one email a week. Its 100% free and the only thing asked for is your city + state + email address. No personal info. After that the BOGO's will begin to roll in. And simply unsubscribe if you’re not satisfied. http://bogofetcher.com/

Lissa said...

Lisa, I love the fact that you wrote in about your savings...I'm jealous of the Capri Suns...they would be great for this summer! Do you have a site? I ask because I would love to see pictures of your findings! Let me know if you found anything else while you were out shopping! Their are always things that we can't see until we get into the store!

Christa, Sorry about the mis-print! I typed the numbers in backwards (fixed now) it should be 4 for $3 instead of $3 for 4...thanks for letting me know that their was an error!

Hope to hear from both of you again!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do the .50 Huggies wipes q that say 64 ct or larger work for the Kroger wipes deal this week? BTW, love your Blog, thanks for saving all of us money and time!!!

Lissa said...

It sure doesn't...the register will be and the register will say that the item is not found!

I wish it did too!

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

If the huggies q won't work, is there another q that does not say that? All the huggies wipes qs that I have say 64 ct, so I was not sure how to get the 42 ct for free.

Lissa said...

The coupon that you are looking for are the $1/1 from the 4/19 smart source insert! It is the one for ANY bath or Body product! These coupons will work on the wipes! I have been able to use the ones from smartsource.com (their are internet printables for the bath and body products there too!)and the ones from last weekends paper with no problem. Wipes are considered a body product!

I hope this clarifies the coupon for you...sorry for the confusion!

Talk to you soon! Lissa

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