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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Notification: My Internet Is Down Right Now

I stopped by the Library to write a quick note to everyone!

My internet is currently down right now!

At about 4AM we were awoken by a really loud crack of thunder. The only one for the entire night! It was so loud it woke us up immediately with a panic as it shook our entire house!

We got up and checked to see if the lightning had hit us and it hadn't!

About 10 minutes later we heard sirens. 2 Firetrucks, 1 Ambulance, and 4 police cars later we found out that it had hit a neighbors house 5 doors down. Everyone was safe! It did start a fire in their attic and their was a huge hole in their roof!

They have a crew out today working on the damage (Hooray for insurance). We had a chance to talk to them this morning and they said that it was the scariest thing that they had ever gone through!

In addition to their home damage the lightning strike knocked out cable tv and internet services here in the neighborhood. They have found the problem but had to order a part that is suppose to be delivered to them today sometime!

Hopefully I will be back up and running by this evening to get you the remainder of the Publix post!

1 comment:

Lisa Sadie said...

Hi Lissa: I too am without internet today - it has rained alld day. I had hoped to work tonight on the computer but I am at a friend's borrowing hers to make a post. Leaving for italy tomorrow back on Easter. Talk with you soon. Lisa

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