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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Value Coupons: Which ones will get your free or almost free items with or without a sale?

Once you use coupons on a weekly basis for a while you will tend to have a general knowledge of which coupons are good ones and which ones are bad!

I am able to tell (as some of you may be able to also) if certain coupons will yield free or close to free items! I thought that it would be beneficial to share this information with those who are just starting coupon use! Over time you, too, will be able to "notice" a good coupon when you see one! If you ever see a coupon that I may miss let us know!

Redplum 4/26

$0.75 on any 3.15lb(or larger) bag of 9Live dry cat food: Publix is known to put this brand of cat food on sale for Buy One Get One Free. The bags usually run $3 - $4...with 2 coupons you may be able to get the cat food for 75% OFF!

$1/ any 2 Ball Park Franks: Kroger put these on sale last spring and summer for Buy One Get One Free. Wait for this sale and score some cheap hot dogs!

$1/ any Johnson's baby product: Every store sells the Johnson's Buddies soap. They usually run anywhere from $.97 - $1.19 each making them free or close to it! (Great filler for CVS purchases when you are trying to use a $/$$ coupon!)

$0.50/ Mahatma or WaterMaid White, Brown, Jasmine, or Basmati Rice: Ingles sells the smallest packages of Mahatma Rice for $1.07 making them $.07 each with this coupon. All other grocery store carry this product for around the same price!

4/26 Smart Source Insert:

Free Product Coupon for any 1 16-18oz of Purina Kitten Chow: You will want to purchase this product for free even if you don't own a cat! Donate it or give it to someone who does!

$1/ any one package of Purina Tidy Cats cat litter, any size, any variety: Walmart sells the 10lb bags of litter for $1.77. $0.77 for 10 lbs is a great price!

$0.75/2 Dole Fruit Bowls in Gel and the $0.75/2 Dole Fruit Bowls or Dole Fruit Parfaits: Publix often puts these products on sale for Buy One Get One Free yielding some cheap fruit cups!

$1/ one Duncan Hines Carrot Cake AND one Cream Cheese Frosting: Kroger often puts their Duncan Hines cake mixes on sale for $1. Use this coupon to get the cake mix for free and only have to pay for the cream cheese frosting! You will save about 50% on these 2 items together!

$4/1 Air Wick I Motion Starter Kit: This is a new product. Any time a new product comes out there will be high dollar off coupons released. In addition to the high dollar coupons comes great sale prices for product awareness (marketing a new product). With the right sale over the next few weeks this coupon could make for a free or close to free product!

$4/1 Schick Intuition Razor or Refill: Walgreens and CVS are notorious for putting great deals on products like these! CVS has a sale that will start today making them .99 with this coupon! Be sure to check back later for the deal!

$1/ Any Revlon Beauty Tool: Publix has a coupon in their Green Advantage Flier for $2/ any Revlon Beauty Tool...combine it with this coupon and get a variety of beauty tools for free! Kroger often puts Revlon on sale for 50% off making about 4 of the product line items free!

$1/ Colgate Max Fresh or Max White, .75. any Colgate Adult or Kids toothpaste: CVS always has deal that will match up with these coupons making the products free! Walgreens usually falls right in with CVS's sales on these items too! Keep an eye out for the freebies!

$0.50/ any Colgate Wisp 4ct product: This is a new product. Many stores will put the 4 ct on sale for $1! Wait for the sale and get them free!

$0.25/ any Palmolive Dish Liquid: Fred's Discount Store doubles coupons on Saturday's up to .70. They sale Palmolive for $1 so this coupon makes them .50 each. CVS also puts these on sale for .88 but they don't double so they would only be .63 each!

$1/ any 1 Kraft Mayo 18oz or larger: Publix puts these on sale for Buy One Get One Free making them really cheap!

$0.50/ any Tabasco hot sauce: Many stores sell the smallest bottle of Tabasco for $1.19 - $1.59. Double this coupon and make them .19 - .59 each!

$4/ any Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill: Walgreens has a $4/1 coupon for the same item. Even if this item is not on sale you should be able to get the refills for around $2.50 stacking these two coupons together! You can also use both of these coupons at Publix or Kroger if you local store accepts Walgreens as a competitor AND allows you to stack them with manufacturer coupons!

I usually clip between 7 - 10 of the same newspaper inserts each week! Some may say that this is extreme but I like to be able to stock up on a good "free" sale. Having this many coupons allows me to not only help my family but other families as well through donations.

I have often been asked..."Is it worth buying that many papers?" My first response is that I only purchase 5 of those papers for $5, the rest come from a local freebie paper. I always tell those who ask that usually one or two coupons in the newspaper make it worth the money!

If you look at this weeks insert, you can take the free bag of cat food coupon (worth $2.19 each) and see that for $5 in cash I am able to get $22.19 worth of products alone, not to mention all of the savings that I will see from the remaining coupons. Although "free item" coupons aren't in every paper that comes out I usually can take 1-2 of them to make up the amount that I have spent in savings!
Let me know what you think of this post!
Would you like me to continue posting it each week?
Please leave a comment with your opinion!
I would love to hear from everyone!


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I haven't bought the paper yet, so now I have an idea of what is in there. Thank you! :)

HD said...

Very helpful, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What kind of paper do you buy? I normally buy the double pack of the ajc for $2.50. How do you only get your paper for $1?

Lissa said...

I'm glad that everyone enjoys this post! I think that I will continue it each week from the email responses!

Anon: Depending on your location the AJC is sold for $1 each! Here in Cartersville, they have someone that sits out at the end of the Target parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays selling them for $1 each! You will usually be able to find them for this price by the people who are selling them on the side of the road...not what's sold in the stores!

I hope this helps!

Thanks for writing everyone!

Cathi said...

YES!!! I am really trying hard to get this coupon thing...this was SUPER helpful!

Lissa said...

Cathi, I'm glad that you were able to find this post useful! Once you start using coupons on a weekly basis (I'd say after about 3 months or so)...you too will be able to do this!

Thanks for writing!

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