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Monday, May 11, 2009

Back In Business...Finally!

After what seemed like an eternity I finally am able to get back online without any interruption.

My previous service had never given me any trouble until this year. It turns out that initially the cable line (internet) that I was on only provided service to a few streets near me. Over the past 3 months they have been adding more customers to the line that I was on to expand the service in my area. As a result I was experiencing intermittent service and slower internet speeds (more homes on a line = slower speeds and more problems).

I finally had to make the decision to switch over to DSL. I hope that DSL will provide a better service...we will see!

I have had many things occur over the last week...good and not so good.

I was able to complete massive projects around my home that I just couldn't seem to tackle at any other time! I will just call it a MAJOR spring cleaning. I was able to go through all of the rooms in my home and clear them all out!

My city (Cartersville) is part of the Dixie Highway 90-Mile yard sale that occurs the first weekend of every June. You can go here to read more if you live in Georgia. I have sold items at this sale for the past 2 years and have absolutely loved it! I estimate that we had at least 300 or more people come through each day (this year I will only being selling on Friday and Saturday).

This event is one that I look forward to each year! I am able to take things from my home and sell them for some extra money! This years profits will go towards our "lay-off" fund. I have really prioritized the material items in my home. Once I started going through each room I pulled out things left and right! I set up a rule...if I haven't used it in 6 months, I was getting rid of it! You really would be amazed at the amount of things you accumulate and the things that you don't really need in your home! I found tons!

My huge office downstairs has been transformed into a make-shift gathering area for all of these items. I haven't gone through everything completely but I am pricing and organizing each item into their own bin to prepare for the sale! I hope to post pictures (before during and after) right before the sale!

While one stress has been lifted another has been added. Life...gotta love it :)

As you all know I have shared with you that my husband was getting laid off in June of this year.

I will back up a little bit to share with you that every 6 years the company that he works for lays off and then calls the workers back after about 2 months.

Initially, we had planned for him to collect unemployment and go back to school while using our "lay-off" fund. This plan was put to a screeching halt when a meeting was held (in addition to a letter being sent home with them) to explain that they were permanently closing the plant down. It turns out that the downturn of the economy has created a deficit for this plant location and therefore they had to make the call to close it down. They had already laid off around 300 employees and once the plant is closed completely another 700 will go (the biggest layoff for the city of Cartersville...ever).

We have spent the last week seeking out alternatives. The good news is that his last day has been extended to the first week of August giving us ample time to plan accordingly. The difficult news is that they have cut their work hours (he has been on 30 hour weeks for the last 6 weeks and will be until August). We hadn't planned on this so we are consuming out "lay-off" fund prematurely!

The great news is that we are able to seek options that may benefit our family. With his experience (11 years on the job) he is a sought after individual in his field. We have been able to narrow his job application decisions down to just a few. One of the options is for him to work for the government.

We are both from Warner Robins, GA. All of our family lives there. He has applied for a position on the air force base located there and we are really hoping that he gets the position. With the help of family...especially my Aunt...we have sent his application in and eagerly await their decision. Not only would we be back with our families but he will have the opportunity to make more money than he currently does at this job.

We have also considered other options as back-ups and have applied for them also just in case! If we have to move this will create some stress in itself. We own our home and it will be difficult to sell it. If we can't sell it then we will have to rent it out (not an ideal situation since we will be 2 hours away from the home). We will cross that bridge when the time comes!

I am hoping that we are able to make a decision before the new school year starts for my daughter. I would love to be able to have this happen over the summer but again...we will deal with that when the time comes.

I have made many changes to our finances over the year. I have been able to lower our electricity, cable, phone, car/home insurance, car payment, garbage, water, and grocery bills extensively. We have been able to free up over $1600 or more per month ( I am currently writing an article to post on how we did this). This is where our emergency money has been coming from...just putting it in the bank each month.

I have not been grocery shopping in ages. I do have some trips to post from the last 2 weeks later this week but we basically have been eating out of the pantry and I have only been purchasing the "free" items each week along with a few staples here and there!

I want to thank everyone for the emails and comments on my absence. It means a lot to me to hear from all of you!

Things will get back to normal soon enough...just keep all of the families in your prayers that are experiencing this hurdle in life...as so many are! We truly are blessed to be prepare for these trying times...I only wish that I could extend this hand to more! I have a plan to help the families included in this lay-off. I will be offering a workshop for the employees of his company. I plan to include my coupon course and every single way that we have been able to save money in our home. I will also be offering one-on-one budgeting sessions to aid families. I am hoping that my words can help families emotionally and financially as they have for many other families that have already taken my classes in the past!

If you are looking to help...think of ways that you can help your community. Even if you share your savings knowledge with just one family you have to realize that what you share could give someone the tools to survive. No one has all of the answers but if we pull together and help each other out in this trying time...only greatness will result!


SavingsWith Sadie said...

Beautifully spoken in your last paragraph.

So glad you are back. I put out a search for you on Twitter before I found out about your technical problems.

Lori said...

That is amazing that you will do that course for them. For many, it will be a total eye-opener and a saving grace!

Lissa said...

Hi Lisa,

I know I disappeared for a while there didn't I! It was rough not having access to the internet but I managed! I will call one night this week to see how your trip to Italy turned out! I am sure you have much to talk about!

I hope that I can get everything organized for them...it will help them so much! For most, their is no backup plan and I hope that they can take something away from this seminar! Thanks for writing!


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