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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Sammie & Cookie At Quiznos

If you haven't signed up to receive emails from Quiznos you may want to! A new member received a coupon for a free "Sammie" in their email, a coupon for a free cookie on their birthday and other coupons about once per month!

We all love free food right! Right now they have a promotion going on for $4 on their Footlongs! This is cheap for Quiznos!


Rochele said...

question for you, where do you get your coupons? How did you get such a big stock pile on such a little amount of money? Did you used to have a bigger budget or something???

Lissa said...

Hi Rochele,

Thanks for writing!

I get 7 Atlanta Journal Consitutions ($1 each) for my main coupons. I also get a freebie paper each week. I pick up my neighbors papers that don't want them. If there is a really good coupon in the freebie paper then I will go up to the office to pick some more up!

I have been stockpiling for over 2 years now! When I first started I would have to say that I was spending about $150/week for about 4-6 months. Once I stocked up on the staples and things that I commonly used to cook I was able to cut my grocery bill back to $50 per week!

I had my brother, his wife and son living with me for a few months earlier this year and we bumped up the budget to $100 per week to buy more meat. It has been back down to about $50 per week for a couple of months now!

I only buy what I can get free or very close to it each week...this is how I accumulate such a big stockpile for so little money!

I use less meat than recipes call for when I cook...I buy discounted meat or stock up on .99/lb chicken breasts to cover the meat! (When it is time for me to buy meat I wait until I get get the most for my money and not buy anything else for that week!

We often have veggie soups and other inexpensive meals without sacrificing nutrients.

If you have more questions you are more than welcome to email me about specifics! savingyourcents at comcast dot net

I hope this helps! Lissa

Rochele said...

Thank you for taking the time to write me back it was very helpful.

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