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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Publix Weekly Sales With Coupons Matchups

Publix Weekly Sales Ad with coupons matchups

5/20 - 5/26

What's Free This Week?

Covergirl Lipgloss: $3.49
Use: $2/1 coupon from 5/17 PG insert
Use: $2/1 Publix Covergirl coupon from Green Advantage Flier
Price: FREE plus possible overage

Covergirl EyeShadow Single: $2.99
Use: $1/1 coupon from 5/3 PG insert
Use: $2/1 Publix coupon from Green Advantage Flier
Price: FREE plus possible overage

Covergirl Makeup Wedge SPonges: $2.99
Use: $1/1 coupon from 5/10 PG insert
Use: $2/1 Publix Green Advantage Coupon
Price: FREE

Covergirl Dual Eye Pencil Sharpener: less than $3
Use: $1/1 coupon from 5/3 PG insert
Use: $2/1 Publix Green Advantage coupon
Price: FREE plus possible overage

Johnson's First Aid Products: $1.99 (there are a few at this price)
Use: $2 Publix Green Advantage coupon
Use: $3/2 Blinkie coupon located right by products
Price: FREE plus possible overage

Free Style Light or Freedom Light: $9.99
Use: $9.99/1 from 1/4 OR 5/17 SS insert
Price: FREE

Glad Wrap (100 sq feet): $1
Use: $1/1 from Publix "Summer Is Here Booklet"
Price: FREE

Oscar Mayer Weiners 16 oz: $2.00 (yellow advantage buy)
Use: $1/2 from 5/10/09 SS OR $1/2 here (if still available)
Stack With $1/2 Target here
Price: FREE
Please Note: I will have to verify this..but I wanted to mention it just in case you may get to the store before I do! Be prepared with coupons in hand just in case!

Daisy Sour Cream: .99
Use: .50/1 coupon from the 4/5 SS insert
Price: FREE

Knox Gelatin: $1.39 ea (on Jello Aisle)
Use: $4 off any Knox product here
Price: Free Plus possible overage

Mahatma Valencia Rice: .99
Use: .50/1 coupon from 3/1 or 4/26 RP insert
Price: FREE

Open Stock Apples: $1.49/lb for Red Delicious
Use: $1/1 Target coupon here
Price: FREE
Tip: Buy 1 apple...2 makes you go over 2 lbs. If you store allows you to use multiple Target coupons then you can use 1 per apple!

Freebies from BOGO Deals:

Helluva Good Dip: 12-oz: 2 for $2.00
Use: $.50/1 from the 5/17 SS OR $.50/1 here
Price: FREE

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts: 8-ct: 2 for $2.39Use: $1/2 from 4/5 RP insert OR $1/1 Peelie found on product
Stack with .50/1 Target coupon here (will not double)
Price: FREE if you have $1/1 Peelies (otherwise it will be .39 for 2 boxes using Target and $1/2)

Kraft American Cheese Singles, Yellow or White, 12-oz: 2 for $2.59Use: $1/1 Cheese 2% milk here
Stack With: $1/2 Target Q from 4/19/09 SS
Price: FREE after 3 coupons plus possible overage

Kraft Salad Dressing: 14 or 16-oz: 2 for $2.99
Use: $1.50/1 from the 5/10 SS insert
Price: Free plus possible overage after coupon

Kraft Barbecue Sauce (Assorted Varieties) 16.25 to 28-oz: 2 for $1.39
Use: $.75/1 from the 5/3 SS insert OR $1/1 here
Price: Free plus possible overage with either coupon!

Pedigree Denta Stix for Dogs or Jumbone: (Assorted Varieties, 6 to 7.4-oz pkg) 2 for$3.79
Use: $2.50/1 from 4/26 RP OR $2.50/1 HERE
Price: FREE plus possible overage

Buy One Get One Free Deals For The Week:

Deli Iced or Green Tea: Assorted Varieties: 1-gal: 2 for $2.39

Medium Shrimp Ring, Medium Cooked Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce, Shrimp 12-oz: Sauce, 6-oz: 18-oz package 2 for $11.99
Use: $1 off meat or seafood from the Publix Art Calendar (2009) FLA residents only
Price: $5 for 1

Lay’s Potato Chips (Assorted Varieties) 10.5 to 13.25-oz: (Excluding Baked!, Light, and Natural) 2 for $3.99
Use: Save $2.00 on any Lay’s 15 oz dip with purchase of 2 bags of Lay’s potato chips any flavor/varieties 11 oz or larger Tearpad
Use: Save $1.00 on Produce WYB One (1) Bag of Lay’s Potato Chips TearpadUse: $2 off Sara Lee Buns or Bread when you buy any two (2) 9.5 oz or larger bags or Lay’s Potato Chips and/or Frito’s Corn Chips or any one (1) 36-count Multipack Sara Lee Bread Teaprad
Use: $2 off WYB Any (1)Frito-Lay Baked Snacks 8 3/4 Oz. + Bag And (2) Lay’s Brand Potato Chips, Any 10 1/2 Oz. + Bags Tearpad
Price: Follow Scenario Below

(Scenrio for Lay's Chips + more!)

Buy 2 Lay's ChipsBuy 1 Lay's Dip
Buy 1 worth of produce (find something as close as you can to $1...may use open-stock fruit or veggies to get weight exact to $1)
Buy 1 Sara Lee Bread or buns (possibly $2 right now)
Buy 1 bag of Baked Lay's Chips
Use: $2/1 dipUse: $1/1 Produce
Use: $2/1 Sara LeeUse: $2/1 Baked Lay's
Price: Varies
$3.99 for 2 bags of Lay'sDip should be around .99 or so for the small cans of dip (the cans of bean dip/cheese dip are the cheapest dips Publix carries)Free Produce for $1Possibly Free Bread or buns if they are on sale for $2 (if not they won't be much more!)Baked Lay's are probably close to $4 so they would be around $2
A possible $7 plus tax for $18 worth of items(before sales and coupons)!

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, Regular, Light, Bun Length, XXL, or Jumbo: 16-oz: 2 for $3.99
Use: $1/2 here OR $1/2 from 5/10 SS OR $1/2 Blinkie in Kroger right now!
Stack With: $1/2 Target coupon from 4/19 SS insert
Price: $1 each WYB 2

Mr & Mrs. T Drink Mix, Bloody Mary, Rich & Spicy Bloody Mary, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, or Margarita, 64-oz: 2 for $5.99

Curly’s Chicken or Pork with BBQ Sauce: 18-oz: 2 for $5.69
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $1.89 each

Blackberries: 12oz: 2 for $4.99

New England Coffee (Assorted Varieties) 9 to 12-oz bag: 2 for $5.79
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $1.90 each

Kraft Cheez Whiz Cheese Dip (Original or Squeezable Spread) 12 or 15-oz: 2 for $3.89

Edy’s Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt: (Assorted Varieties) 1.5-qt: 2 for $4.99
Use: $2/1 Food lion coupon here
Price: .49 each

Popsicle Ice Pops or Fudgesicle or Creamsicle (Assorted Varieties) 21.6 to 39.6-oz: 2 for $3.99
Use: $1/1 from "Family Is It’s Own Reward" Booklet
Price: $1 each after coupon

Contessa Shrimp Scampi, on the Bar-B, Coconut, Whisky Jack, or Marsala, 10-12-oz: 2 for $6.79
Use:$1.50/2 here
Price: $2.64 each WYB 2

Freschetta Pizza (Assorted Varieties) 12.6 to 30.5oz: (Excluding PizzAmore Varieties) 2 for $5.99
Use: $1/1 from 3/1 SS insert
Price: $2 each

Farm Rich Cheese Sticks or Mozzarella Bites, Quesadilla Slices, or Panini: (Assorted Varieties) 20 to 28-oz: 2 for $7.69
Use: $.75/1 here OR $1/1 Family Circle, Hallmark, Woman’s Day, Ladies Home Journal February 2009 (I also have one from ALL you)
Price: $3.09 each

Cole’s Garlic Bread, Zesty or Butter Flavored; or Breadsticks or Garlic Toast Slices: (Regular or Cheese) 9 to 16-oz: 2 for $2.79
Use: $.50/1 here
Price: .40 each with coupon

Lender's Bagels: 4-ct: (Assorted Flavors)(Plain, Egg, Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, or Onion): 2 for $1.59

Quaker Instant Grits (Assorted Varieties) 12-pk, 12-oz: 2 for $2.79

Aunt Jemima Syrup (Assorted Varieties) 24-oz: 2 for $3.79
Use: $1/2 here OR $1/2 from 5/3 RP
Price: $2.79 for 2 with either coupon

Aunt Jemima Breakfast Entrees: 5.25 to 6.8-oz: 2 for $1.79
Use: $1/2 from 5/3 SS
Price: $.79 for 2

Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip Dressing (Assorted Varieties)32-oz: $4.29
Use: $1/1 here or $1/1 from 4/26 SS insert
Stack With: $1/2 Target IP here
Price: $1.29 for 2 with all 3 coupons

A.1. Steak Sauce: (Assorted Varieties) 10-oz: 2 for $4.19
Use: $1/1 here OR $2/1 from 5/10 SS
Price: $.19 for 2 when using the $2/1 coupon

Mt. Olive Pickles: 2 for $2.79
Use: There are multiple hangtag coupons out. In my local store they were .55/1
Price: $1.68 for 2 using 2 .55/1 coupons

Mueller’s Pasta: 2 for $1.29
Use: $1/3 here
Price: .93 for 3 boxes

Ragu Pasta Sauce: (Assorted Varieties) 2 for $2.19
Use: .60/1from 5/17 RP insert (multiple value coupons were released depending on region) OR $.75/1 "Family Is It’s Own Reward" Booklet
Price: .34 each with .75/1 coupon

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix: (Assorted Varieties) 2 for $2.69
Use: $1/2 from 5/10 SS OR $.50/2 here OR $1/2 Dinner Made Easy booklet
Price: $1.69 for 2 boxes

Bush’s Best Baked Beans or Grillin’: 2 for $2.29
Use: $1/1 peelie coupon found on product
Price: .15

Green Giant Canned Vegetables: 2 for $1.29

Near East Rice Pilaf or Couscous or Taboule or Whole Grain Blends: 2 for $2.19

Nabisco Baked Snack Crackers or Wheat Crackers: 2 for $3.25
Use: $1/1 Wheat Thins here
Stack With $1/2 Target coupon here
Price: .25 for 2 boxes

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn: 2 for $4.89
Use: $.50/1 from 5/17 SS insert OR .50/1 from 4/19 SS OR $1/1 May ALL YOU
Price: $1.44 each

M&M’s Chocolate Candies: Assorted Varieties) Big Party or Large Bag: 15.9 to 19.2-oz: 2 for $4.69

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Snack Crackers or Grahams: (Assorted Varieties, 6.6 to 8-oz): 2 for $2.19
Use: $1/2 Flavor Blasted Peelie found on product
Price: $1.19 for 2

Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter or Box Filler: Assorted Varieties:14-lb pkg: 2 for $6.99
Use: $1/1 here OR $1/1 from 4/26 SS insert
Price: $2.49 each
Tip: Walmart Sales the 10 lb bags for $1.77...buy 2 use 2 coupons and pay less!

Dixie Plates or Bowls (Selected Varieties):20 to 48-ct: 2 for $2.99
Use: .50/1 from 5/10 RP
Price: .49 each with coupons

Carbona Clean It! Foaming Cleaner, Stainless Steel or Smooth Ceramic Stove Top, or Clean and Shine Ceramic Cooktop: 8.4-oz: 2 for $3.79
Publix Acid Reducer Maximum Strength Ranitidine Tablets: 150 mg: 24-ct: 2 for $7.99

Other Sales This Week:
Publix Brand Hot Dog Buns/Hamburger Buns: $.99 each Use: $1/2 Food Lion coupon here Price: .50 each!

Frank's Red Hotsauce: $1.09 (reg price)
Use: .50.1 here
Price: .09 each

Breakstone’s Sour Cream: 16-oz: 4 for $5.00
Use: $1/2 here
Price: $1.50 for 2
Tip: Buy multiples of the free daisy sour cream listed above!

Nestle Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer (Assorted Varieties) 16-oz: 4 for $6.00
Use: $1/1 here
Price: .50 each with coupon

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread or Cream Cheese, Assorted Varieties, 8-oz tub 4 for $5.00
Use: $1/2 here
Price: $1.50 for 2

Heinz White Vinegar: $1.19 OR Apple Cider Vinegar: $1.39
Use: .50/1 printable
Price: .19 or .39 each

DiGiorno Pizza or Flatbread For One or California Pizza Kitchen Pizza for One (Assorted Varieties,):5.3 to 10.2-oz: 4 for $10.00
Use: $1/1 here OR $1/1 here OR $1.50/1 from 5/17 SS insert
Price: Varies with coupons

12-pk Coke Products :12-oz can: B3G1 (individual 12-packs are $3.33 each)
Use: Buy any 2 Dr. Pepper 8pk or 12 pk 12oz cans and get 1 Free exp. 6/5/2009 found in the Publix Yellow Advantage Flier (Publix Coupon)
Use: $1/1 Cherry Dr. Pepper found on product OR $1/2 12pks from Coke Rewards OR $1/1 Dr. Pepper Food Lion coupon (you can't see the coupons...print the # of coupons you need because you won't be able to print them a second time!)
Price: Cheap soda! Depending on coupons used!
Tip: The Cherry Dr. Pepper also has $1/1 coupons inside of them!

Nabisco Classics Cookies, Assorted Varieties, 12-oz pkg $1.99

Kellogg’s Cereal: (Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Smacks, or Rice Krispies): $1.99
Use: $1/1 coupons from coupons.com (no longer available) if you still have some left! OR $1/2 Blinkie found at Kroger
Price: .99 each

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 40 oz: $2 each

Planters Cashews or Mixed Nuts or Cashews & Peanuts: (Assorted Varieties): 2 for $5.00
Use: $1/1 here
Price: $1.50 each (cheap for cashews!)

Carefree Pantyliner, 46 to 60-ct box or Stayfree Maxi Pads, 24-ct pkg or Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads, 16 to 22-ct pkg: $1.99
Use: $1.50/1 here
Price: .49 each with coupon

Ecotrin Pain Tablets, Safety-Coated Aspirin: Regular or Adult Low Strength, 125 or 150-ct box $4.99
Use: $2/1 from 5/17 SS insert
Price: $2.99 each

Kingsford Charcoal Briquets, The Original or Mesquite or 100% All Natural Competition Briquets, 12 to 18-lb bags $6.99
Use: $3/1 “Summer is Here" Booklet
Stack With $6/ any pork with purchase of Kingsford and other qualifying product here
Stack with $3/ any Publix meat coupon found on the bottom of the Kingsford bags
NEW! Use: Free KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce coupon WYB Kingsford Charcoal
Price: Varies (see sceanrio below)

Buy 1 Charcoal @ $6.99
Buy 1 pack of pork @ $6 (pork chops are good candidates for this price but you can improvise once you see what's in the store!)
Buy 1 jar of Vlassic Pickle Relish @ $1.79 (price may vary in regions)
Buy 1 pack of meat @ $3 (again you will have to improvise once in the store! You can look for the pre-made hamburger patties (2 pks) or the 2 pieces of cubed steak for around this price!
Buy 1 KC Masterpiece BBQ (free with coupon)
Total: $17.78 (estimated)

Use: all coupons listed above ($3, $6, $3)

New Total: $5.78 plus tax

Can you use the Rite Aid Coupons at your store? If so...here's a scenario using the $5/$25 coupon!

Buy 1 Freestyle Glucose Meter @ $9.99
Buy 1 Covergirl Lipgloss @ $3.49
Buy 2 Johnson non-stick bandages @ $1.99 each
Buy 2 Helluva Good Dips @ $1 eachBuy 2 Kraft Cheese Singles @ $2.59 for both
Buy 2 Kraft Salad Dressing @ $2.99 for both
Buy 2 Kraft BBQ Sauce @ $1.39 for both
Buy 2 Pedigree Dentastix @ $3.79 for both
Buy 2 Nabisco Baked Crackers @ $3.25 for both
Buy 2 A1 Steak Sauce @ $4.19 for both
Buy 2 Edy's Ice Cream @ $4.49 for both
Buy 2 Kellogg's Cereal @ $1.99 each
Buy 1 can of Green Giant Green Beans @ $1.15
Buy 2 pks of Dixie Plates @ $1.49 each

Total: $50.26

Use: $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
Use: $9.99 Freestyle coupon
Use: $2/1 CG Lip coupon
Use: $2/1 Publix CG coupon
Use: $3/2 Blikie Johnson coupon
Use: $2/2 Johnson Publix coupon
Use: 2 - $.50/1 Helluva coupon
Use: 2 - $1/1 Kraft Cheese coupon
Use: 1 - Target Kraft Cheese coupon
Use: 2 - $1.50/1 Kraft Salad Dressing Coupons
Use: 2 - $1/1 Kraft BBQ coupons
Use: 2 - $2.50/1 Pedigree coupons
Use: 2 - $1/1 Nabisco Cooupons
Use: 1 - $1/2 Target Wheat Thins coupon
Use: 2 - $2/1 A1 coupons
Use: 2 - $2/1 Food Lion coupons (our store allows you to use more than one of the same competitor coupon!)
Use: 2 - $1/1 Kellogg's coupons from coupons.com
Use: 2 - .50/1 Dixie coupons

Total: $.04 plus tax WOW!

Please Note that these numbers are done without the overage! If your store gives you overage then you will go in the negative! You may want to pick up $3.78 in other items to equal out to $0.00!

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Lisa said...

How many cokes/dr. peppers could I buy combining B3G1 plus the B2G1 dr. pepper publix cpn? I also have 2 $1/1 dr. pepper cpns.? Thanks for your help!

Lissa said...

I went in today...the Dr. Peppers in my store were not part of the B3G1 sale....they are 3 for $10 or $3.33 each.

I am fixing to post my shopping trip but this is how I did it!

I bought 6 12 pks, used 2 of the Publix B2G1 Yellow advantage coupons and 6 $1/1 Food Lion coupons.

The total was $20 - $6.66 (publix q's) - $6 (FLIPS) = $7.34 plus tax!

I worked them into a gigantic freebie deal and used a Rite Aid $5/$25 coupon...it was awesome!

You would buy 3 for $10
Use: B2G1 Publix Q
Use: 2 - $1/1
Pay: $4.67 plus tax! Still a good deal!

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

I just discovered your blog and am happy to find one for Publix!

One question - when printing coupons from coupons.com, is it possible to print multipe copies of coupons? For example, two to use for a BOGO sale. When I print my coupons, they are no longer visible to print later.


Devon said...

just wanted to add that the sales ad that came in my wed. paper had a coupon for a free gallon of milk with the purchase of 3 Kellogs cereals I used my leftover $1 coupons and got 3 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for 2.98

Lissa said...


I'm glad you found the site! It is a lot of help when someone does the matchups for you!

To answer your question about printing a second coupon from coupons.com...

Once you print the first one it usually moves the coupon to the last or second to last page...next time you go in to print...click on the last page and work your way backwards until you find the one you just printed...took me a sec to figure this out when I first started! LOL

Thanks for the heads up on the coupon! That was an awesome find! Thanks for sharing your great find with us! That was less than a gallon of milk at regular price!


Sara said...

Lissa, Just wanted to say thanks for putting this together! I used your list last night and had a GREAT shopping trip...not as good as yours, but really great for me! I'm going back to try to do the Dr. Pepper deal today. I got confused in the store the first time.

Sara said...

Do you think you could post a picture of the front of the "Family is its own reward" coupon book? (Or all of them, really)I found a few of them, but can't find all of them in my store...I asked at the front desk and they looked confused and didn't know what I was talking about. I swear sometimes couponers know more about the store than the workers. It would just help me out to know what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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