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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Store Sales with coupon matchups

This weeks matchups are being passed on over to Jenny over at SouthernSavers and Jennifer over at CouponMommie!

I am still preparing for my Dixie Highway Yard Sale that is coming up next weekend (I will take more pictures to post later of my progress).

Rain is in the forecast for us on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (I was planning on setting up Friday afternoon but may not be able to). I am hoping that what rain does come through will leave by 6PM. This will still give me about 3 hours for set-up even though I have prepared for 4 (1 hour in the dark isn't bad but I would rather do it in light!)

I will spend tomorrow setting up most of the posts for the remainder of the week. I will be sure to pop in and post anything that comes up throughout the week!

Here are this week's match-ups:
Note: Anything that is missing will be added to this post so be sure to check back if you don't see the store matchup yet!



Rite Aid

Kroger: This one is by Jennifer over at CouponMommie

Ingles: Ad will be posted later today for everyone to chip in and help-out with the matchups!

If there is anything else that you would like to see for this weeks matchups let me know! Leave a comment and I will see what I can do! I have many online resources for other store matchups...so if you need it...I will help you find it!


Jennifer said...

Lissa, have fun and I hope things go well!

frugalfarmfamily said...

Hey, Lissa!
I have a few Ingles Match-ups. You can check them out at http://frugallyfarmingfamily.blogspot.com/2009/06/ingles-deals-may-31-june-6.html.
Hope you have fun at the big yard sale. We are having one this weekend too, but it is not part of the Dixie yard sale.

Rebecca in upstate SC said...

Hey--I live in SC. Does it matter where the blogger is for Ingles ads? Are they all the same in various states?

Lissa said...

As far as I know the ads should be the same. Ingles is a smaller grocery chain (compared to Kroger/Publix etc) so the ads should be the same!

When you go to there website there is not an option to put in a zip code for the weekly ad...it just goes straight to the ad.

I hope this helps!

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