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Monday, May 11, 2009

The World's Biggest Case Lot Sale

Image Source: Commissary.com

If you have never been to one of the military case lot sales you may want to plan for the next one!

Here in Georgia we have Dobbins and Robins as our military bases and both participate in this event!

Go here to see when you base will have it's next sale! (Bases are listed alphabetically!)

Imagine rows and rows of products marked down so low that you can't pass them up! This is what you will see when you attend one of these sales!

If you are a coupon user you can score some really good deals!

These sales even occur on the bases that do not have a commissary! Dobbins is a prime example! The only way to find out about the sales on bases like Dobbins is to look for signs outside of the BX AAFES builiding.

You can go here to view a list of the bases. Once you find the base in your area (if you have one) you can click on the link to get the dates and times of the events!

Here are some details that you need to know before you go...

Only military base personnel (retired included) are allowed to purchase items (civilians cannot shop). A military base Id is required. If you know someone that works on base you can go with them but they have to be the ones to check out! Take cash and have them pay for it! This is not against their policies and guests are allowed at these sales!

They accept cash, credit, and checks with proper id.

The accept 2 types of coupons. 1. Military coupons (ones that are mailed out or ones that are found by products in the commissary). 2. Manufacturer coupons

You can stack military coupons with manufacturer coupons. UPDATE: Apparently you cannot stack at all bases. I have been informed by a reader that she cannot do this. I have had 6 confirmations that the 2 bases located here in GA allow you to do this (by highly reputable individuals).

Coupons are face value ONLY! They will not double!

They DO NOT except expired coupons (those are only used overseas)

You can use one coupon per product (example if you have 24 cans of cleaner you can use 24 coupons even though they ring up under one price)

You DO NOT pay tax on any of these items!

Details on what to expect...

You will not know what they have in advance

You will want to take all of your coupons with you

They sell toiletries, household cleaners, pantry items, and even meat! It's huge!

The sales usually last 3 days (Friday-Sunday)

Items will be marked down accordingly (rock bottom on Sunday to clear everything out) but the best stuff goes first thing Friday morning! (My suggestion would be to go on Friday and then go back first thing Sunday morning if you have the opportunity to!)

These sales occur a minimum of twice per year but usually more often than that (depending on the base)!

Tiffani (a local friend/couponer) was gracious enough to share information, on her last trip a few weeks ago, with us!

She was able to purchase 80 items and use 101 coupons (by staking military with manufacturer coupons).

Her total was $254. After coupon she only paid $64!

Here is some of what she bought...

8 boxes of swiss miss
2 Suave gift baskets that have loofah, 2 bottles of men's body wash, and 2 bottles of lotion
12 pk of Keebler striped cookies
Kellogg's cereal
Off bug Spray
2 boxes Jello pudding
6 pks of Ziploc containers
Nilla Wafers 2 pk box $
Kraft BBQ sauce
Rice a Roni
case of Ramen noodles
3 pk of muffins
Vienna sausages 6 pk
4 Glade lasting impressions air freshener with refills
24 cans of Old English furniture polish
Ziploc bags 50 count
air wick mini's
6 cans Lysol spray with free hand sanitizer
2pk Lysol 50 count wipes
variety chip bag
3 pk Tombstone pizza
banquet frozen breaded chicken nuggets
Oscar Mayer deli meats
Pork tenderloin marinated
Oscar Mayer franks

She also sent in some pictures for us visual kind! :) Thanks for sharing Tiffani!


tiffany said...

Hi my name is Tiffany and I am new to blogging, I have a blog called Mom's Little Piggy Bank. I am in the Memphis area and I too have a military base in my area and I have heard of these sales before and they are awesome. I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I posted about this and sent my readers to your blog for more information.

Darlene said...

I don't know who told you that you could stack a military coupon and manu. coupon, but that is not correct. They only accept one or the other for a single item. Please do not ruin couponing for those of us who are military!

Lissa said...


I'm glad your wrote in! Send me an email with your blog link...I would love to check it out! I don't mind you sharing anything on my site at all with a backlink of course! Please feel free to send me anything you come across and I will link to you also!


I have never personally been to one of these case sales (I plan to go for the first time next month)! The person that gave me this informaion has been going to these sales for a while now! I also have a ton of military family that lives near another base and everyone tells me that you are able to do this!

Perhaps this is something that is up to each base participating? I can assure you the person that sent me this information by far is an abusive coupon user. (nor are my other family members) I have had at least 6 people here in GA tell me that the base allows them to do this.

I will change the article to reflect this conflict in policy and let everyone know that they need to ask about the policy before they go shopping!

Thanks for letting me know that your base doesn't allow this! If you could let me know which base you shop at we can let your locals know that you cannot do this there!

Thanks again for letting us know!

Darlene said...

I emailed DECA and that is their policy.

Stephanie Bruce said...

For those people at Fort Riley I have posted the list for this weekend

May 15th and 16th

At hot coupon world

Lissa said...


Thanks for emailing them. I would love for you to forward the email over so I can post the policy for the readers! Hope to hear from you soon! savingyourcents at comcast dot net!


That's awesome...way to help out!

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