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Monday, May 11, 2009

Would you like to help?

As I mentioned in my article early this morning the Trinity Rail plant is shutting down. As a result (after an initial 300 employees have been laid off) 700 more local Cartersville residents will be without jobs as of August the 5th.

I am planning to offer a seminar to the current employees and their immediate family. I would like to talk about budgeting, meal planning, couponing, ways to save money around the house, online resources, going back to school, etc.

I am looking for local Cartersville residents who would be willing to help give this free seminar to those who desperately need it.

I need individuals who would like to speak on the following topics...(I plan to have someone speak on each topic separately (some may speak about more than one topic).

Meal Planning
Rite Aid
Ways to save on utility bills
Ways to save on local entertainment
Ways to make extra money at home and online
and anything else you can think of!

If you are interested in helping our community out please email me at savingyourcents at comcast dot net. I am looking for at least 12 people to help give this seminar! I would like to have the seminar in June...so we have to act fast! Once I have some interest we will set up a meeting to discuss how everything will work!

If you have any ideas to share on how we can help our Trinity Rail employees (but can't be here in person) please share them with me!

Share the knowledge...help those when they need it the most!


Diana said...

Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job. During our first two years of marriage, we went through two layoffs. The first time my husband was laid off a few days before we found out we were expecting our first child. On his first day back to work, I was in the hospital for observations and later had our son that night. (So he was unemployed almost 8 months.) Everything works out for a reason. Eric now has a job that he enjoys and gets paid well.

Anonymous said...

Way to go for putting this all together! I'd be happy to speak on Publix, Menu planning, CVS or Rite Aid. WHatever you want. Menu planing is my 1st choice...just let me know!
Katie Hurley

Lissa said...


This is our second lay-off with this company. The first time I also was pregnant with our daughter. He was laid off right before Christmas and we had Kaylee in March! Boy was that tough...I feel the same about things happening for a reason. Thanks for sharing!

You read my mind. I was thinking of meal planning as #1 for you also! Everything is still in the works but I will keep you updated! If you know of anyone else who would like to be involved please send them my way!


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