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Sunday, June 28, 2009

CouponIQ.com: Have you heard the news?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Billy Kramer, the owner of CouponIQ.Com. Not only did I learn about a new coupon site I also made a wonderful new friend!

What Is CouponIQ.Com?

CoupinIQ.com, a new concept in the local coupon world, was founded on two principles...save families money and give businesses FREE marketing. CouponIQ.com is an Atlanta based company with aspirations of becoming a nationwide coupon site focusing on local businesses.

Since opening its virtual doors, CouponIQ.com has aided over 85 businesses in generating more awareness and revenue without charging one dime for the advertising.
In addition to the 85 businesses, CouponIQ.com has shared 150+ coupons with over 1,250 people since soft launching April 1.

Why Should You Use CouponIQ.Com? Businesses & Consumers

Local Businesses:
As you know marketing and advertising can be a very expensive part of owning a business. CouponIQ.Com offers this for FREE. Yes...It's that simple. There are no strings attached. You won't be billed up front and you won't receive a bill down the road. As long as you would like to offer a coupon to your customers, Mr. Kramer will be more than happy to post it on CouponIQ.Com for free.

Having the access to potentially hundreds if not thousands of coupons from the internet is a great way to save even more money! Whether you are looking for a local store coupon or looking for something while you are out of town, CouponIQ.Com can help!

You all know how I abide by the coupon rule...if it doesn't have a coupon...I don't buy it! This goes for anything. If I am looking for a coupon to go out to eat or one for a local photography company CouponIQ.Com is going to be the spot!

What can CouponIQ.Com Do For You?

As I was talking to Mr. Kramer I asked if he could round up a coupon or two for my local readers. I suggested our local Fuddruckers and now there are a few coupons for them on the site. You can go here to access the coupons. You have the option to print them out directly from the site and to also send them to a friend through email! I love these options! I plan on using the BOGO hamburger coupon for an outing tomorrow with my family! I can't wait! I love to save money!

History In The Making!

CouponIQ.Com is only a few months old but I feel that Mr. Kramer is in the right business and has the potential for a very successful website. Most of his coupons are in the Atlanta area but he does have coupons in other states. In a short time CouponIQ.Com will be national and there will be tons of coupons available for everyone! I am really excited to see more coupons from my favorite local stores!

Be sure to bookmark the site for future reference.

If you would like to be the first to know about new coupons available on CouponIQ.Com you can join them over at Twitter here! New coupons are posted as they are available.
Contact Info:
If you would like to see a coupon created for one of your favorite local companies in town (or your own business) you can contact Mr. Kramer at bkramer (at) couponiq (dot) com. He will be more than happy to contact them for you to see if they are interested!

Think out side of the box...do you teach coupon classes? Make crafts from home? Sell on eBay? Have an in-home daycare? Offering a coupon through CouponIQ.Com may be something that can help grow a name for your business! The sky is the limit!


Anonymous said...

Johnny's New York Style Pizza on Dixie Ave is on there if you live in Cartersville.

Monica said...

I love learning about new coupon and deals sites. Thanks for shareing this with us. I'm going to spend some time learning the site real soon. I know my fellow couponing peeps will enjoy this new site also. Thanks for the information.

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