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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rite Aid Sweepstakes: Hot Days Cool Cash

I have never personally been really big about entering sweepstakes. After meeting our local Publix store manager and talking about sweepstakes in general I changed my mind!

When a store such as Publix or Rite Aid has a sweepstakes for various things (gift cards/cash/etc) the chance of you winning is pretty high!

I was told that each time Publix has a sweepstakes that they have less than 2,000 entries per contest. In comparison you can see that a 1 in 2,000 chance of winning is quite a bit higher than, let's say, the Mega Millions Lottery where your chances are in the millions.

You have an even greater chance at winning giveaways on various blogger sites due to the low entries!

With that said...Rite Aid has a Hot Days Cool Cash Sweepstakes that you may be interested in entering!

1 - Grand Prize is $10,000 in cash
1 - 1st Prize is $2500
50 - 2nd is $100 Rite Aid Gift Card
75 - 3rd is $50 gift cards
150 - 4th is $25 gift cards
500 - 5th is $10 gift cards

777 Winners In All! I'd say you're chances of winning were pretty high if we used the 2,000 entries as an example (although the exact number of entries will be unknown!)

Be one of the few to enter this sweepstakes here! You never know what might happen!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Thanks Lissa- great info! It also looks like you can enter once every 24 hours- multiple entries will give you even better odds. Thanks for the head's up!

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