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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving Your Cents is going on Auto for a bit!

I talked about my husband getting laid off...and that time is nearing! He was scheduled to get laid off on August the 5th but they have extended it through the end of the year (him and 14 others). Even so...he is actively looking to replace this career and one prospect is having us down for a plant tour this coming weekend (we are keeping our fingers crossed on this one!)

We are either going to move in a few weeks or in January but either way I am still trying to prepare my home for the move. Even though I just had a huge yard sale I am planning on having another in a couple of weeks.

Between that and gathering needed files (school/medical/etc), changing email addresses and the likes I am swamped.

I can handle posting the smaller items each day but the coupon matchups take the longest and are the hardest to do.

As a favor to me Jennifer, over at CouponMommie, will be posting the drug store match-ups along with Kroger. Michelle, over a IHeartPublix will be lending a hand on the Publix matchups. Jenny, over at SouthernSavers, will be doing Ingles. Lisa, over at SavingsWithSadie, will continue the Harris Teeter, and so will Barbara on the Food Lion match-ups.

I hope to be back on track in about 3 - 4 weeks. I have many things to get in order around the house and for my family. I am trying to prepare for it all now in moderation than allowing it to hit me like a ton of bricks.

I really excited about the move either way (now or in January). My posts will not change at all...I will still have the same stores in my new town.

Right now I only have 1 Kroger, 1 Publix, 1 Ingles, 1 Walmart, 1 Target (regular), 1 CVS & 1 Rite Aid, 1 Staples, and 1 Ross.

I will be loosing Ingles but plan on linking up with Jennifer (CouponMommie) for the deals each week!

Here's what I will be moving to!
2 Publix
2 Kroger
2 Winn-Dixie
1 Food Depot
1 Piggly Wiggly
1 Giant Foods
4 Walgreens
4 Rite Aids
Super Target
2 Walmarts
The best bakery ever!
Dunkin' Doughnuts (for the freebies and cheapies!)
Baskin Robins (for the freebies and cheapies!)
A Huge Flea Market
Old Navy
Office Depot
Tons of thrift stores
The best Goodwill and Salvation Army you have ever been to
and so much more!

...and did I mention that this was our home town...where we met...where all of our family lives (11 nieces and nephews for my daughter to play with!)? I am so excited! We have been in Northwest GA for almost 11 years with no family members at all...I have been home sick ever since we left!

Can you say heaven? (and yes...when I get there I will be adding the additional stores to the match-ups along with any great clearance deals that I find!)

Keep us in your prayers...wish us luck...and cross your fingers for us as we venture into a new, exciting part of our lives.


Anonymous said...

God luck, Lissa. I'll miss seeing you around town! I'll be praying for you guys as you face all the transitions ahead.

Jennifer said...

I've never been away from my hometown and can't imagine being away from all my family. Glad you are getting the chance to move back and glad I can help make things easier in the process! ;)

Lissa said...

I heard about your good news too (the house)! Congrats and I will be praying about your transition as well! It's all so exciting and scary at the same time isn't it!

You are heaven sent...you don't know how much I appreciate what you will be doing over the next few weeks!

Amethyst Moon said...

Good luck to you and thanks for all you do to help out the rest of us!

I once lived in a small town with not many stores, and was also very happy when we moved back home to all of the wonderful shopping options.

Mylinda said...

Good luck! It sounds like a great opportunity for your guys. i wish you all the best.

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