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Monday, August 24, 2009

McDonald's Coupon Booklets are back!

McDonald's has just released their "Back To School" Coupon Booklets. You can purchase these at any McDonald's location (just ask for them at the register!).

You will receive 12 coupons for "Free" products and the cost is only $1! In the past these coupons have included free milk, juice, cookies, hamburgers, apple dippers, small fries, ice cream cones and free apple pies. They change them around each time but you are sure to get some great deals!

Last time there were 3 free hamburger coupons in them. A hamburger costs .89 so 1 whole coupon and part of another paid for the bunch!

Tip: If your store is out of them (they go quickly) do not despair...they will have them again around Halloween time (great Halloween treat gifts!)

Thanks for the tip Erin!


Gayla said...

My store looked at me like i was crazy and tried to sell me gift certificates.

Macomb Money Savers said...

Can you confirm finding these at any locations? I haven't heard of anyone who's actually found them (and I've really been looking!!). They may not be released until the end of September for Halloween.

Lissa said...

I haven't checked my local store yet but I have seen them on ebay...


I will let you know if we have them...I know we will get them again in October for the Halloween promo!

Gayla said...

i would love to have some of them but can find no one that has gotten any so far. i called all of the MickyDs with in 30 miles and no luck. anyone else?

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