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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Shopping Trip: CVS 8/23

This is my shopping trip from CVS on 8/23. I broke my purchases down into 4 transactions to use various $/$$ coupons!

Transaction #1 Aveeno:

1 Aveeno Shampoo: $6, used $2 coupon
1 Aveeno Conditioner: $6, used $2 coupon
1 Aveeno Leave-In Conditioner: $6, used $2 coupon
1 Aveeno Scrub: $7, used $2 coupon
1 Rain Blo Bubble Gum Pack: .89

Total: $25.89
Coupons Used: $8 manufacturer plus $5/$25 CVS Ready Fill IQ Test Coupon
New Total: $12.89
ECB's Used: $1.89, $1.98, $1.98, $1.98, $1.98, $3 = $12.81
Total After Coupons & ECB's: $1.39 (used gift card from transferring prescription)
ECB's Received: $10

Transaction #2 Glade

6 Glade Sense & Spray: $25, used 6 - $4/1 coupons from 8/23 SS & $5/$25 email coupon

Total: $30
Coupons Used: $24 in manufacturer coupons and $5 in CVS
New Total: $1
ECB's Used: $1
Total After Coupons & ECB's: $0.00
ECB's Received: $9

Transaction #3 Olay

2 Olay Definity @ $10.99 each ($21.98), used 2 - $3/1 coupons from 8/23 SS insert & $4/20 CVS Facial from Ready Fill Booklet

Total: $21.98
Coupons Used: $6 in manufacturer coupons and $4/$20 in CVS
New Total: $11.98Bold
ECB's Used: $9.99, $1.98 = $11.97
Total After Coupons & ECB's: $1.27 (placed this on gift card...the subtotal was .01 and tax was the rest)
ECB's Received: $12
(profit of .01 in ECB's)

Transaction #4 Everything else

4 Kraft Mac N' Cheese: $4, used Buy 3 Get 1 Free IP coupon (no longer available)
2 Poise 16 ct Liners: $4, used 2 - $2/1 IP coupon here
4 - Carefree Ultra Pro Liners 16ct: $15.16 ($3.79 each), used 2 - $1/1 IP coupons (forgot to print another set out before I left!)
2 - CVS Composition Books $1.98 (.99 each)
1 - Swedish Fish: .79

Total: $25.93
Coupons Used: $7 in manufacturer coupons & $4/$20 Ready Fill Booklet coupon
New Total: $13.93
ECB's Used: $10, $1.89, $2 = $13.89
New Total: $1.11 (placed on gift card)
ECB's Received: $1.98, $1, $15.16, $2

Overall I used $39.67 in ECB's and got $51.14 back (a profit of $11.47 in ECB's for all transactions). I placed $3.77 on my gift card and if you take this amount away from my ECB profit of $11.47 I still profited $7.70 for the whole deal!

Share The Knowledge: Link up with coupon match-ups, scenarios, your game plans, or your shopping trips for this week! I love to see what everyone else comes up with!


Julie in KnoxTN said...

Did the Olay ECBs automatically print for you? Or did you have to ask for them? A lot of people are being told the cleansers are NOT part of the deal.

Lissa said...

When I walked in the door my cashier came up to me and said that the Olay extra bucks weren't printing out. Their manager told them to manually print them out because the ad said "Definity Skin Care" and because the ad was not specific on which defininty product that they would give them out.

I have also heard that many others weren't printing out and that the stores are saying that they aren't included. This is a "YMMV deal" (your managager may vary...).

I had a friend that lived in a different city and her store printed them out for her!

nicole ohio said...

Hi, I went today and got the olay definity face scrub my ecbs didnt print and I asked my cashier about it,and she said that since the ad is vague I will print them for you. Bless her. She thought maybe it was just the pics of the items in the ad that was triggering the ecbs,I dont know.

Es said...

I didn't get the Olay ECB's... My cashier and manager were not interested in what I had to say about it being definity etc... oh well. There were many more deals this week anyway!

Sherry said...

Oh My i am so jealous!!! I went out last night with a mission!! I was so bummed when they only had 2 Sense & Spray's left. Thank Goodness for rain checks!!! Even though they do not have the product they will give you a rain check and you can STILL get the ECB even if the sale is over. Something i didn't know!

Michelle said...

So the ECB deals... the amount you spend before the coupons is what counts? And what is the limit on the Glade products? My ad says 1, but I've seen several people say you can get 3.

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