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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New $1/1 Welch's Juice (64oz) Coupon

Here is a coupon for $1 off of any Welch's 64oz Juice.

Tip: The regular price for this product is around $2.69 at various stores. Publix and Kroger often put these on sale between $1 - $2. Print it out and wait for the sale (Unless, of course, you need it now!).


Jennifer said...

Hey hon. Either your link is pointing to a Yoplait coupon or bricks has the wrong picture posted. LOL, got a new link?

Rose said...

I'm having fits with the bricks coupon links. Everytime I try to get the coupons it tells me I have to install the printer. I have installed the thing I don't know HOW MANY TIMES and it keeps telling me this over and over everytime I go to get one. I can reinstall it for the coupon and it STILL wont let me get the coupon and it tells me yet again I need to install the printer. ughhhhh it's so annoying! WHAT am I doing wrong? It WAS allowing me to get them but not now. PLUS the page keeps refreshing itself like crazy. Doesn't do this to any of the other coupon places, just the bricks one. Any ideas?
Thank you for sharing the coupons with us!!! :)

Lissa said...

Rose, let me know which browser you are using...Internet Explorer, FireFox, or other?

Send me an email and I will try to help you fix it...

savingyourcents @ gmail dot com.

Rose said...

Thank you Lissa.I just sent you an email. I am using IE browser. I have Webroot anti-virus and spyware and it's giving me fits downloading all these printers to use to print out the coupons with. It keeps wanting me to take them off even though I have put ignore them in the Webroot scan area. So I'm almost positive it's that. When I have to renew my virus protector I am going with Grissoft this next time I think.
Thank you!!!

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