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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Publix Weekly Deals

You can go here to view Michelle's Publix coupon matchups for this week!

I can't wait for the Kingford Charcoal to go on sale...here is what I plan to do this week. Many of you asked me how I get overage on certain items to pay for other items and this is a prime example of how to do it!

Publix has a coupon policy that you get overage on manufacturer coupons if they are for more than the product costs (my store didn't start doing this until a few weeks ago...but others have been doing it).

Buy 1 Kingsford Charcoal @ $7.99
Use: $3/1 Food Lion Coupon (on Michelle's Site)
Stack with: $4/1 Charcoal coupon that I traded for on Michelle's site
Price: .99

Buy 1 KC Masterpiece BBQ @ $1.89ish (not sure of exact price)
Use: FREE product coupon from a tearpad that I found at Kroger a few weeks ago
Price: FREE

Buy 1 can of Pam cooking spray @ $3ish (not sure of this price either)
Use: FREE product coupon I found in Kroger (plus I traded more with Michelle herself)
Price: FREE

Buy 1 pack of meat @ $2 or less
Use: $2 off of meat coupon WYB Kingsford charcoal (once again I traded for these)
Price: FREE
(I will be having the butcher package ground beef for me @ $2 per pack...if you ask they will do it for you!)

Buy 1 pack of Pork at $6 or less (I actually plan on buying the $1.50 packs of pork steak singles to get my overage on this manufacturer coupon)
Use: $6 off pork WYB 1 charcoal and 1 other product (my one other product is the free KC BBQ)

This scenario will allow me to buy $4.50 worth of items and get them free from the $6 pork coupon overage PLUS I can purchase another $5 worth of stuff and get it free by bringing my total up to $25 so that I can use the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon...

When it is all said and done...I will be able to get...
1 bag of charcoal
1 bbq sauce
1 pam cooking spray
1 pack of ground beef
1 pack of pork steak
PLUS $9.50 in free items

ALL for only tax!

It is hard for me to explain it before I do it because I don't know the exact prices of the items that I will purchase...be sure to come back later this week and I will do an update on the shopping trip so you can see exactly how it works!

I am so excited about this one! I have 10 of every coupon and plan on using at least 5 sets of them this week with the charcoal being on sale!


benz1968 said...

Smallest bottle of KC Masterpiece bbq sauce cost $1.95 in Pensacola, Florida.

Lissa said...

Thanks for letting us know the price!

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