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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Publix Weekly Deals

Publix Weekly Deals for the week of 8/19 - 8/25

Some Hot Deals To Mention:

Luzianne Family Size Tea Bags Original or Green Tea, 24-ct box: BOGO $2.29
Use: $.60/1 from the 6/21 SS
insert Price: .70 each

Sunshine Cheez-it's Crackers: BOGO $2.29 Use: .75/1 whole grain variety here Price: $.40 each!

Yoplait Yo-Plus Digestive Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 4-pk, 4-oz cup: BOGO $2.50
Use: $.50/1 from the 8/9 GM insert AND $1/1 here AND $1/1 here Price: $.50 each

Be sure to visit Michelle over at IHeartPublix.Com for the entire list of matchups for this week! Their are some really good deals this week! You don't want to miss them!


Katy said...


I have seen you mention a new coupon policy at Publix. Are you going to post the new policy on your blog...? I am a faithful Publix shopper (with coupons of course) and have noticed that some cashiers have become very scrutinizing over my coupons and have even accused me of copying coupons! I know they are taking some heat from the management but it has rubbed me the wrong way on more than one occastion. Any news on the new policy would be great!

Lissa said...

Hi Katy,

They have actually asked me not to post anything on a coupon policy. I was even told that they "Don't" have a coupon policy...I know...it makes no sense.

I can tell you that as of September 1st, they are no longer taking the $ off $$ coupons from Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid.

Other than that...I'm apparently not allowed to say. The cashiers are getting the heat because they don't want to get fired over taking coupons that they aren't suppose to. I too have been rubbed wrong a few times about the copying but I whipped out some other IP coupons that I had duplicates of and showed them how the veri-fi codes worked. I even went to the extent of showing management but apparently they haven't showed it to all of the cashiers yet.

The best answer I can give you is to call Brian Jewel...he is the new store manager...or ask if he's there next time you are shopping.

There is one particular person who has been raising you know what when it comes to coupons. This person is the reason that Jay (the old manager) attempted to change the policy a few months ago. Once the new manager stepped in this same person made it a point to do the same with him and this time he got his way on the $ off $$ coupons.

Either way you look at it you can still save a lot at Publix even without the $ off $$ coupons. What upsets me is the way you get treated when the policies change and when everyone can't get on the same page as far as what the policy is.

I give two thumbs up to the new manager for warning us ahead of time and making sure that the cashiers and other managers tell every coupon user. I can't tell you how many times I have been told the same thing over and over but better that than nothing!

I made my concern well known last time that not having everyone on the same page was going to create chaos amongst coupon users and store employees. I explained that if they didn't post a change or let everyone know that there were going to be a lot of upset customers if one day you could use a certain kind of coupon and the next day you couldn't. I told every manager in that store and advised others to do the same. Apparently it worked because they are warning us and that is much appreciated!

There are 3 particular cashiers that are very rude when it comes to coupons. I have even had one tell me that they didn't think that there should even be Publix coupons (very outspoken person). She even said that "She hates it when people come in to just buy what is on sale"...I looked at her and said..."well that's what I am doing and I am saving tons of money in the process"...she didn't have anything else to say to me the rest of the check-out process.

I try not to let things like this get to me...if we did...we would be upset all of the time (or at least once per week if you shop like me).

I hope you have better luck next time! Be sure to express your opinions on how you are being treated. Maybe make mention of the photocopying issue to Mr. Jewel. He needs to know that a cashier is upsetting you. The more we let them know the more likely an issue is resolved!

Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...


I have noticed the same with the cashiers even the most friendly one I have seen for over 12 years. And I always have used coupons.

I had a problem the sales paper not being in my Wednesday paper so I went to the store only to be told that I could not get one untill the day the sale started to come back on thursday.

Alot when on about that and it became a hit or miss if the add was in the paper or not. Two weeks ago I called the store to complain about it and got a very rude person who told me everybody was calling them about this she said "We are going to start putting them in Fridys paper because they were not getting here on time."

I was not happy so I found the Publix Corporate Office Site, there is contact us infomation so I called them and told them the story. We have received our sales papers every Thursday now. You might try this about coupon promlem. Maybe it will help all of us.

Thank You for all you do,
D. Crutchfield
Brunswick, GA 31525

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