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Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip: Finding a new place to live!

This weekend we will be driving down to the central Georgia area to find a place to live! We have moved a few times in the past and I can honestly say that we have never had to do it this way!

It's a little nerve-racking not knowing where you are going to end up...to be in a strange place...not know anyone... and yet exciting to know that we get to make a new place home and to make new friends!

We have always known someone in any place that we have lived. We have always known which side of town was the good side to live on and something about the town itself...this time we don't have a clue.

Not only do we have to make sure that our home is a safe place to live but we have to consider each school district to make sure that our daughter is able to attend a great school.

We also have to consider my husband's commute to work. The city that his new career is located in is quite far from what we are use to. Living in the same city (very small) as his employer is a change that we are not willing to make right now. They don't have a hospital and the closest one is a 30 minute drive. That is scary to me and makes a big impact on how I feel about living there!

The company has some things set up for us along with the church and relatives. Hopefully by the time Sunday gets here we will at least have a clue!

Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers!


Jennifer said...

What happened to your hometown stomping grounds?

Mommy's Home!! said...

I grew up in Cochran - you moving anywhere near there?

Lisa Sadie said...

Good Luck - will be thinking about you will be ready for one of our long chats when you return.

Candi said...

My husband is from Eastman, Georgia. I hope you have an easy move and transition...it can be hectic.

Amethyst Moon said...

good luck! how exciting! and scary! i'm sure it will be great!

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